The Best Ways You Can Start Being Sustainable in 2022

The environment has always been incredibly fragile, and as humanity continues to pollute and use fossil fuels, it won’t get any better. However, you can make some choices to be more sustainable, reduce your environmental waste, and contribute to a movement away from traditional energy use. Read on to learn the best ways you can start being sustainable in 2022.

Rethink Your Food Choices

One of the first and most essential ways to begin being more sustainable is to rethink your food choices. Food is necessary to live, but in its current form, so much food on grocery store shelves goes to waste. Additionally, the processes behind the creation of lots of food products are far from ideal.

Many processed food and animal products contribute significantly to greenhouse-gas emissions, and even a small item like a fruit cup is not the best. This is because the fruit can be from Southeast Asia, packaged in Mexico, and end up on your store shelves. The whole supply chain is a terrible polluter, so you should consider eating more fresh produce from local farmers’ markets and cutting out or reducing the number of animal products you consume.

Think About Water

Thinking about water seems a little confusing since it’s simply water; there are no frills. That may be true, but the way you obtain your water is what you should reevaluate. You should avoid drinking bottled water, as you’ll save lots of money and cut out tons of plastic waste you contribute daily. By switching to a reusable water bottle, you avoid using the water bottles that end up in landfills, which goes a long way. By switching, you’ll save four to five bottles a day, or about 30 bottles a week. This is almost 150 bottles a month and over 1,000 every year, and that’s just your consumption alone.

Thoughtful Consumption

Another way to be more sustainable with your choices is to consider what you consume. There are countless choices you make throughout the day, and you often face unnecessary purchases in their carbon consumption. For example, you can buy from fast fashion retail brands and order from Amazon, or you can buy a secondhand item that’s much higher in quality. Similarly, you may feel like you need a new product, but all it will do is sit on your shelves and take up unnecessary space. Instead, be thoughtful with your purchases and ask yourself, “Is this something I need, or will it go into the landfill in a few years?”

You can start being sustainable in 2022 with these tips. But to truly make an impact, you need to take these tips and change your life. People are polluters, and you can significantly change that. Simultaneously, you can contribute to a movement pushing the world away from fossil fuels and toward green energy. That is true sustainability.


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