Beginners Guide To Trews

Beginners Guide To Trews

If you really want to take your Scottish heritage celebration to the next level then you should definitely add trews to your wardrobe.

Trews are a traditional Scottish garment, originating in the highlands. Trews are trousers made of tartan cloth. They are somewhat similar to the kilt (because they are made using tartans), but the main difference is that they do not have pleats and therefore aren’t as comfortable as a kilt. Trews are much less bulky than kilts and are a more practical garment for everyday wear. They are also a lot easier to wear for those who do not have much experience with Scottish traditional clothing.

A lot of people have never even heard about trews. Therefore, if you decide to wear trews, you will be the center of attention. You will also attract a lot of attention and questions. It is very likely that people will ask you where you got your trews and how much they cost.

Trews are also very practical garments. They are dressy enough for formal occasions, but they are also very suitable for more casual occasions. For example, you can wear them when going out to a nice restaurant, but you can also wear them when going out to the pub.

Trews are a great choice for any celebration, be it a wedding, a birthday, a graduation party, or any other special occasion. If you want to stand out from the crowd and be the center of attention, you should definitely consider wearing trews.

History of Trews

Trews (also called “Triuibhas” in Gaelic) were first worn in the 16th century. Like kilts, they were also worn by Scottish Highlanders. Trews were created to protect highlanders from harsh winters because kilts didn’t cover their legs and the were open in the bottom. So, they came up with trews to stay warm in the winters.

Trews featured the same tartan fabric that is used in kilts. Both kilts and trews are considered as national dresses of Scotland and are also included in the 1746 Dress Act. During the era of Jacobites, the government prohibited all sorts of Highland dresses. The ban lasted for around 40 years but after that it was diminished and people began wearing their Highland dresses proudly and freely.

Trews Style Guide

No matter if you are going for a tartan trews or tartan trousers, they are completely appropriate to wear at both formal and informal events.

If your selecting tartan trews for your next event then make sure to wear it with a Prince Charlie Jacket if the event is formal. In case of casual events, you can couple it with a tweed jacket with a t-shirt. When it comes to tartan trousers, they are usually good for informal events and can go really well with all sorts of jackets.

Whether you are looking for a trew or kilt, you can find it all on –

Trews have come a long way and now they hold the same value as a kilt in Scottish heritage. Tartan trews is a perfect example of Scottish rich and colorful past that still continues today.


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