11 Awesome LGBTQ+ Friendly Books

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Literature is rife with various genres that are specifically written towards certain audiences and which function is to act as a vector to spread its culture further, even regularly targeting more ambivalent readers looking to convert them towards the particular movement.

And as if couldn’t be any other way, the LGBT community has its fair share of presence in the literary world. It’s themes seek to further humanize its existence in the world by bypassing the many prejudices that persist in our culture towards it even to this day. It is writing with a purpose, that just also happens to be very fun to read. Even if you don’t consider yourself a full-blown member of the community these LGBT-friendly books surely can teach you a thing or two.

#1 Heroes: A Tribute, Trade Edition by Doug Meyer

Heroes: A Tribute (Tra Publishing) pays homage by way of portraiture to some of the first victims of AIDS and AIDS-related diseases — brilliant creative figures such as Freddie Mercury, Robert Mapplethorpe, Keith Haring, Rudolph Nureyev, Rock Hudson, John Duka, Tina Chow, Klaus Nomi, Halston, and Angelo Donghia.

In Heroes, artist Doug Meyer honors 50 innovative pioneers from the worlds of art, design, film, and dance whose contributions may be unknown to a younger generation. Proceeds benefit SF AIDS Foundation and other local and national AIDS organizations. It’s the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, and this book is a really interesting and educational look at the history of those amazing artists who were lost to this horrific disease.

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#2 When Your Child Is Gay: What You Need to Know

This book is a good read for straight parents and their LGBT children. It deals with issues that both parents and their LGBT face in order to improve their relationships, resulting in greater acceptance and understanding.

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#3 Queer Heroes: Meet 52 LGBTQ Heroes From Past and Present! by Arabelle Sicardi

This beautiful, bold book celebrates the achievements of LGBTQ+ people through history and from around the world. It features dynamic full-color portraits of a diverse selection of 52 inspirational role models accompanied by short biographies that focus on their incredible successes.

From Freddie Mercury’s contribution to music, Emma González’s brave and powerful message, Leonardo da Vinci’s artistic legend, Harvey Milk’s refusal to stay quiet and so many more inspiring queer heroes and icons and their tapestry of stories. Published to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising, this extraordinary book will show children that anything is possible.

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#4 Yay! You’re Gay! Now What?: A Gay Boy’s Guide to Life

In this personal and heartfelt guide for young queer guys, broadcaster, YouTuber and LGBTQ+ advocate Riyadh Khalaf shares frank life advice about everything from coming out to first relationships, as well as emotional support for those suffering from bullying or unsupportive parents.

Through voicing his own difficulties, such as coming out to his Iraqi-born, Muslim father, Riyadh shares valuable life lessons that he wishes he had known sooner. The book has LOADS of hilarious, embarrassing and moving stories from gay boys from around the world and exclusive content from inspirational gay men who share the advice they would give to their younger selves.

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#5 Book of Hats by Dov Zeller

While her parents escape into their bedroom (a distant galaxy, a void), Ida Velikowksy, a transmasculine kid growing up in a small town in the 1930s, escapes into the Great Book of Hats and Fashion, the hatmaking family’s holy book that has been passed down over the centuries, from continent to continent.

The epic Book of Hats follows decades of Ida’s life from her unbearable home life to the New York world she escapes to, becoming more surreal as her life unfolds. Filled with memorable characters, aching relationships, heartbreaking turns of events, beautiful imagery, and the colorful dialogue of Old New York, it is no wonder that the American Library Association put Book of Hats on its recommended Over the Rainbow list for 2019.

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#6 100 Questions and Answers About Sexual Orientation by Michigan State School of Journalism

This is the perfect book for LGBT people to give to the people in their lives who may not understand their sexual orientation. This guide focuses on gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, asexuals and people of other sexualities. The aim of the authors is to answer with clear, accurate information 100 of the basic questions people ask about sexuality. Sometimes questions go unasked, or are misdirected, because people don’t want to hurt others or to embarrass themselves. The hope of the authors is that this guide will go on to have better conversations.

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#7 Sweet Neighbors Come in all Colors by Lisa Blecker

It can be difficult to talk with young ones about embracing diversity these days. My new book Sweet Neighbors Come in all Colors, introduces young ones to an illustrious group of friendly fruit from the Farmer’s Market, which come in all shapes, sizes and colors, telling a sweet story about celebrating the diversity in all of us.

Sweet Neighbors Come in all Colors is designed for parents to help their children – ages 2-5 – explore what makes neighbors different, the same and lovable, through the delightful colorful, medley of fruit. And, Sweet Neighborsis a great way to introduce early learners to colors of the rainbow!

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#8 We Make It Better: The LGBTQ Community and Their Positive Contributions to Society by Eric Rosswood

We’re here, we’re queer, and we make the world a better place. People in the LGBTQ community have made positive contributions throughout history and we continue to improve society today. In We Make It Better, Eric Rosswood and Kathleen Archambeau share inspirational stories of queer icons in a series of revealing close-ups, first-person accounts, and intimate snapshots of LGBTQ pioneers and heroes.

Did you know that Apple (the largest tech company in the world) is run by Tim Cook, an openly gay man? Did you know one of the biggest blockbuster sci-fi movie franchises was directed by the Wachowskis, two transgender women who also happen to be siblings? Did you know that Icelands first female prime minister, Jóhanna Sigurdardóttir, was also the world’s first openly gay head of government? We set trends in fashion, film, music, art, and technology.

We’re Academy Award winners, Grammy Award winners, Pulitzer Prize winners, and Olympic Gold medalists. We’re doctors, lawyers, judges, politicians, and religious leaders. We run businesses and we run countries. You’ll be inspired to take PRIDE in your community as you learn about some of the LGBTQ heroes who have done all of this and more.

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#9 Pride & Joy: LGBTQ Artists, Icons and Everyday Heroes

Pride and Joy: LGBTQ Artists, Icons and Everyday Heroes tells the stories of queer citizens of the world living happy, fulfilling, successful lives. Diverse and global. Famous and unsung. There is a story here for everyone in the LGBT community who has ever questioned their sexual orientation or gender identity, or discovered it.

Discover LGBTQ community stories that will stir you and reveal why Tony Kushner quit cello and how Colm Toibin found his voice; why Emma Donoghue calls her experience a fluke and the best advice Bill T. Jones got was from his mother; how being an inaugural poet changed Richard Blanco’s life and how Ugandan activist Long Jonesescaped death threats and gained asylum. Award-winning writer and longtime LGBTQ activist Kathleen Archambeau tells the untold stories from diverse LGBT community voices around the corner or around the world. Not like the depressing, sinister, shadowy stories of the past, this book highlights queer people living open, happy, fulfilling and successful lives.

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#10 The Ultimate Guide for Gay Dads by Eric Rosswood

The Ultimate Guide For Gay Dads is jam packed with parenting tips and advice to help you build confidence and become the awesome gay dad you were meant to be. Unlike other parenting books that have whole chapters focusing on things specifically related to mothers (such as how to get the perfect latch when breastfeeding), this parenting book replaces those sections with things relevant to gay dads.

It covers topics like how to find LGBT-friendly pediatricians, how to find LGBT- friendly schools, how to childproof your home with style, how to answer awkward and prying questions about your family from strangers, examples for what two-dad families can do on Mother’s Day, and much more. The book also includes parenting tips and advice from pediatricians, school educators, lawyers, and other same-sex parents. Bestselling author and gay dad Eric Rosswood covers every aspect of fatherhood for gay men in this essential guide to growing your family.

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#11 The ABC’s of LGBT+ by Ashley Mardell

The ABCs of LGBT+ is a #1 estselling LGBT book and is essential reading for questioning teens, teachers or parents looking for advice–or anyone who wants to learn how to talk about gender identity and sexual identity. We are living in a post-binary world where gender fluency and a real understanding of our LGBT+ family is essential.

Ashley Mardell, one of the most trusted voices on YouTube, presents a detailed look at all things LGBT+ in this remarkable book. Along with in-depth definitions, personal anecdotes, helpful infographics, resources, and more, Mardell’s LGBT book is proof that it does get better every day in a world where people are empowered by information and understanding. In Mardell’s own words.

This book is also for allies and LGBT+ people simply looking to pack in some extra knowledge a critical part of acceptance. Learning about new identities broadens our understanding of humanity, heightens our empathy, and allows us different, valuable perspectives.”

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