15 Great Empowering Books to Read in These Troubling Times

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This article showcases our top picks for the best ‘Great Empowering Books’. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). 

We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

The Moment Of Lift by Melinda Gates

This product was recommended by Vince Massara from The PodCast Digest

Melinda Gates in this book talks about amazing stories for women from all over the world. These stories are powerful and inspiring for all of us. Not just that, she spotlight on the ugly truth that some women suffer from, many of these issues are critical and sensitive for example, early marriage and gender inequality in opportunities and salary at the workplace. This book strengthens awareness regarding women empowering and helps them to be more recognizable in society.

Mid-Life Joyride by J. Hope Suis

This product was recommended by Jackie Suis from Hope Boulevard

My book – Mid-Life Joyride – is about starting over single in midlife. Being single in midlife is the fastest growing demographic. My book covers all aspects and helps navigate the SIM (Single in Midlife) in re-discovering who they are, how to date again (including online dating), and encouragement from personal experience. There is even an entire section called Relationship YOU where I discuss how to be content while single and learning to love yourself first!

The Magic of Thinking BIG by David J. Schwartz

This product was recommended by Allan Borch from DotcomDollar

I like how this book is preparing the reader’s mind and thinking about the journey of personal change. Like a lot of people, I used to not be comfortable with change but by reading The Magic of Thinking Big, I’ve learned to embrace it.

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

This product was recommended by Fred Blair from AwesomeHoops

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius are the reflections of the former Roman Emperor who ruled around 161 to 180 AD. There are many powerful lessons in this book. The one that resonates the most with me is the message on how we can thrive in spite of adversity by taking control of our actions and reactions. Everyone will experience challenges. We should focus on what we can control and take the logical action to move ourselves forward. The messages in this book are very relevant in this period where there is a lot of uncertainty. I highly recommend it to those seeking inspiration.

Wind, Sand, and Stars

This product was recommended by Danny Grainger from Danny Grainger Copy

This book is a reflection on how important genuine human connection is, as the author vehemently believes that mutual responsibility is only true ethic in life and human solidarity is the only true wealth. Very poignant beliefs given today’s’ world.

The Education of Little Tree, by Forrest Carter

This product was recommended by Vinay Amin from Eu Natural

A novel based on true events, this book demonstrates the wisdom inherent in aboriginal and native cultures and reminds us today that we still have choices as to how we live our own lives – that being mindful of the impact we have on the environment and others lies in our own hands. I believe this is a very empowering realization, and one many people need at this time.

The Art of Coming Home by Suzanne Wylde

This product was recommended by Suzanne Wylde from SuzanneWylde

I am recommending it because I put a lot of effort into bringing in the most interesting and useful information from my experience of working with clients and academic research. My eclectic and holistic approach helps people to gain a new perspective on themselves and tools they can use in day-to-day life. From increasing self-compassion, self-love and self-esteem, to working through emotions and understanding them, to inner child work and improving our connection to our bodies and spirits, I am confident you will find something new that helps you to feel stronger and more grounded in yourself.

Persuade, Don’t Preach by Karen Tibbals

This product was recommended by Karen Tibbals from Persuade, Don’t Preach

As a society, we’ve become so polarized, we barely know how to talk to each other anymore. When we disagree, we often preach. And then the other person freezes or explodes. We wind up even more polarized than we were to begin with. What’s the key to get past this? It all comes down to persuading instead of preaching. Karen Tibbals distills the latest social science research to create a practical plan for talking to others in a respectful way – a way that enables people to get past their differences. Persuade, Don’t Preach explains why people differ, why particular groups of people focus on certain issues, and why what the typical tactics simply don’t work. This knowledge will foster empathy and help you develop a plan for approaching people you disagree with in a way that restores civility and allows them to listen.

Winning Conditions by Christine Hofbeck

This product was recommended by Christine Hofbeck from ChristineHofbeck

Winning Conditions is a must-have book for those who want to win in their professional life. In the book, written by actuary and former contestant on hit CBS show Survivor Christine Hofbeck, Hofbeck teaches readers that people succeed not simply because they deliver a winning work product or idea, but also because they deliver their product or idea in a winning way. This book is a joyful, insightful, and empowering read that teaches readers how to deliver their work so that it is more likely to be recognized and accepted.

Zapp! The Lightning of Empowerment by William Byham

This product was recommended by Shiv Gupta from Incrementors

This book helps to Improve Quality, Productivity, and Employee Satisfaction. In this motivating book, you will find specific strategies designed to help you encourage responsibility, acknowledgment, and creativity so that employees feel they own their jobs. It’s all here, in an accessible guide for the successful managers of tomorrow. So, that’s why we suggested this great empowering book.

Be Quiet, Be Heard by Ph.D. Glaser, Susan R.

This product was recommended by Anijah Boyd from Glaser & Associates, Inc.

Be Quiet, Be Heard offers readers guidance and intuitive skills that will make challenging communication efforts more approachable and provide the tools to be able to initiate tough conversations. The skills provided in this book will inspire both confidence and self-awareness in the reader as they put into practice a more thoughtful approach to how they communicate in all aspects of their life. 35 years of international award-winning research has provided Drs. Susan & Peter Glaser the insight to teach readers how to raise concerns without seeming hasty and resolve conflict in ways that feel achievable to everyone involved. Be Quiet, Be Heard gives readers real world examples with applicable and flexible solutions that encourage positive relationships and fix the ones you thought were forever broken. These things alone can make a person more confident and direct about how they interact with their surroundings; a feeling that is empowering alone.

Full Potential by Nicole Serena Silver

This product was recommended by Nicole Serena Silver from Vekita

We are beyond thrilled to announce the release of the Vekita Full Potential Guidebook, a step-by-step career counselling guidebook which offers a framework for self discovery, identifying one’s strengths, and understanding how personal values align with the perfect career. We’re especially pleased to offer the guidebook at this moment in our collective consciousness, because of its relevance, as all of us have been forced to pause and reevaluate. ‘Full Potential’ was written by Vekita founder Nicole Serena Silver, who found that other career discovery books lacked cohesiveness and user-friendly content for adults at a professional crossroads.

The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates

This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from Fan Jackets

In this book she explained in a very detailed way about the empowerment of women. She bravely point out the gender equality, child marriages, and other crucial matters.

Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

This product was recommended by Mark Stephenson from How To Shoe

There’s no one who knows what it means to defy the odds and become successful, especially when the odds are stacked against you. David Goggins, a retired Navy Seal and Ultra-marathon runner is the iron man of inspiration. Having risen through abuse and poverty, David gives readers a unique perspective of what it means to master the mind. Readers also get to adopt a discipline of soldering thru every storm to achieve success.

Start With Why By Simon Sinek

This product was recommended by Melanie Musson from CarInsuranceCompanies

Sometimes we lack empowerment because we lack a concrete understanding of purpose. This book pushes the reader to discover the reason – the why – behind their own beliefs. Knowing why you do what you do will bolster your confidence and lead you to a place of empowerment and success. Not only will your why empower you personally, but your why will also empower you to inspire others.

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