20 Best Podcasts About Emissions of 2021

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Are you wanting to learn more about emissions? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best emissions podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

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Best Emissions Podcasts 2021

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Climate 21

  • Publisher: Tom Raftery
  • Total Episodes: 24

Climate 21 is an initiative by SAP to allow our customers to calculate, report, and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The climate 21 podcast is a weekly podcast that will showcase best practices and thought leadership by SAP, its customers, partners and competitors (if they’re game) in greenhouse gas emissions reductions. I will be interviewing climate change experts, executives from companies rolling out the best climate initiatives, and other stakeholders in the space. Subscribe now to be sure you don’t miss an episode.

Accelerate Net Zero

  • Publisher: Katherine Radeka
  • Total Episodes: 9

A podcast to explore how to accelerate the technologies we need to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions.

Eco-Friendly Homes

  • Publisher: Madison Hopkins
  • Total Episodes: 23

Eco-Friendly Homes is for sustainably minded folk who want to reduce their carbon foot print on a large scale. In each episode, I share tangible steps to reduce your home’s emissions, live healthier, save money and build community!

The Energy Podcast

  • Publisher: Shell
  • Total Episodes: 15

The world faces a critical challenge: how to meet growing energy demand while urgently reducing carbon dioxide emissions. It means the global energy system must change. Will innovation come to the rescue? How will renewable energy evolve? Does the oil and gas industry have a future? Will batteries, hydrogen or even blockchain alter the way we live, work and travel? The Energy Podcast by Shell explores these questions. We speak to the engineers at the pioneering edge of science and technology, the experts tracking progress towards the goals of the Paris Agreement, and the entrepreneurs working to drive the change.

This is So Exhausting!

  • Publisher: This is So Exhausting!
  • Total Episodes: 4

The “This is So Exhausting!” podcast series offers an intimate insight into some of the industry’s leading experts and how they see the future of the emissions industry developing.

The Oyster

  • Publisher: The Paragon Collective
  • Total Episodes: 8

In a not so distant future, due to overwhelming carbon emissions, The Earth is on the brink of becoming uninhabitable. These conditions are made far more horrifying because the available housing shelters (that can produce sustainable air quality) will only be able to house 80% of the world’s total population. To try and save the human race, every person has a government-mandated microchip implanted in their brains to attempt to facilitate the migration of a portion of the population to an underground shelter. In order to decide who gets to be protected and who must stay above ground, the government implements a value scale they have determined based on “usefulness” to future society. If you are valued at a 50 or above, you will be chosen to enter the bunker, and, if not, you must stay above ground and face the end of days. “Neuron” (which acts as both a prestigious brain implant and also a software company) is folded into a sanctioned branch of the government called, “The Ministry of Experience.” Their job now is to develop technologies and software that can replicate the human experience above ground. But what is far more pressing is The Ministry must find a way to reduce the use of resources, or they will run out of all survivable assets before being able to relocate to “Eden” – the one place above ground that might be salvageable in a few years time. Whether Eden will be ready in time remains to be seen, but its existence is literally the last hope for the human race surviving. In a drastic effort to cut emissions and resource usage, “The Oyster” is created. The Oyster is Nirvana – A state absent from the mind while being filled with complete pleasure and bliss. What, then, happens when reality begins to fade and The Oyster is all that remains? The Oyster stars Logan Browning (Dear White People and the Perfection), Mamoudou Athie (Jurassic World), Carla Gugino (Haunting of Hill House), Keith David (Greenleaf), Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), Constance Zimmer (House of Cards, UnReal), Andrew Santino (Dave) and more. Created by Alex Aldea and Adrienne Schaffler

This Climate Business

  • Publisher: Vincent Heeringa, Jo Spratt
  • Total Episodes: 51

This Climate Business is the Kiwi podcast about turning the climate crisis into an opportunity. Every week host Vincent Heeringa talks to entrepreneurs, investors and experts about what they’re doing to solve the climate crisis and get NZ down to zero emissions by 2050 – or sooner.


  • Publisher: TED
  • Total Episodes: 19

Countdown is an exciting new global initiative from TED to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action. The goal: To build a better future by cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 in the race to a zero-carbon world – a world that is safer, cleaner and fairer for everyone. On this podcast, you’ll find the most powerful ideas from TED and partners around the climate crisis, introduced by some special guests that are lending their voices to this movement.  Every organization, company, city and nation and citizens everywhere are invited to collaborate with Countdown and take action on climate. It is a movement open to everyone – and everyone has a vital role to play. So head over to countdown.ted.com to find out more and get involved.

The Voices of Energy

  • Publisher: Katie Mehnert
  • Total Episodes: 24

How will the world meet growing energy demand while reducing emissions? What technology and human capital is needed to make this energy transition a reality? How will sustainability play a role in an ever shifting industry? The Voices of Energy sets out to explore the options and possible outcomes with the people at the heart of making these changes a reality. Join our host, Katie Mehnert, Founder and CEO of ALLY Energy, author, speaker and “energy evangelist” who will bring you the world’s best thought leaders, scientists, economists to address the hard truths and myths on energy. Join us for ongoing conversations, connections, jobs, and more at ALLY by Pink Petro: www.pinkpetro.com

Feeding 10 Billion

  • Publisher: IVM Podcasts
  • Total Episodes: 22

By the year 2050 we will have 10 billion people on our planet – a sixth of whom will be in India. If we want to feed all 10 billion of us in a sustainable, healthy and just way, we need to reimagine how we source our food. Feeding ourselves cannot come at the cost of global health, worsening greenhouse gas emissions, excessive land, water and resource use, zoonotic diseases, antibiotic resistance, and needless suffering. Last season, we brought you a ringside view of the next food revolution that is rethinking the future of protein. Companies like Memphis Meats, Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat and JUST Egg had a blockbuster year making meat, eggs, and other animal-sourced foods from plants, or cells, or other ingredients that are delicious and nutritious for us, and vastly better for the planet. The Covid-19 pandemic has only made the importance of protein diversification evident. If you want to be part of the future of food and work on solutions to some of the biggest problems of our time, join the Good Food Institute’s Varun Deshpande and Ramya Ramamurthy on Season 2 of Feeding 10 Billion

The Signpost Series

  • Publisher: Teagasc
  • Total Episodes: 54

This is the podcast version of the Signpost Series webinars which is a series of weekly sustainable agriculture webinars aimed at the Irish agriculture industry, ‘Pointing the way to a low emissions agriculture’. For more from the programme visit: https://www.teagasc.ie/corporate-events/sustainable-agriculture-webinars/

The Clinker Factor

  • Publisher: World Cement Association
  • Total Episodes: 12

Cement production is responsible for approximately 7% of global greenhouse gas emissions and is possibly the hardest to abate sector. In this podcast series, the World Cement Association’s CEO, Ian Riley, talks to industry leaders, experts and technological innovators from across the globe, bringing insights and fresh perspectives on how the cement sector can decarbonise and improve sustainability. Suitable for anyone interested in climate change mitigation and industrial sustainability.

Drive to Net Zero

  • Publisher: Schneider Electric
  • Total Episodes: 6

The UK is committed to reducing all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Join us as we travel on this road to Net Zero and speak with people who live and breath energy reduction and legislation.

T-Rex Radio

  • Publisher: smctrexradio
  • Total Episodes: 37

What does it take to end pollution and make every electron useful? First Principles thinking. A trusting team. Open communication. That’s how Turntide Technologies solves super hard problems to reduce drastically carbon emissions and turn the tide on climate change.

Solder and Soot: A NARSA/IDEA Podcast

  • Publisher: NARSA/IDEA
  • Total Episodes: 5

“Solder and Soot” is produced by NARSA/IDEA, an international trade association connecting shops, manufacturers, and distributers in the cooling systems and diesel emissions industries. Each episode, hosts Mark Taylor and Bobby Duran interview entrepreneurs and industry leaders to learn more about their business challenges and success stories.

Path to Zero

  • Publisher: Propane Education & Research Council
  • Total Episodes: 25

Path to Zero is a podcast focused on clean energy and the journey toward a low-carbon future. Zero emissions is a goal we can all get behind, but how do we meet the growing energy demands of the world AND reduce carbon in the atmosphere?

180 Degrees

  • Publisher: 180 Degrees
  • Total Episodes: 23

180 degrees is a podcast series that looks at the energy choices we make when it comes to transport, our homes, business and technology.For Season 2, we’re sharing stories from people across Ireland, working towards a cleaner energy future. We’re talking about sustainable transport, energy in the home and in our communities, how businesses and public sector bodies are cutting carbon emissions and how energy research is informing policy decisions. Subscribe to ‘180 Degrees’ wherever you get your podcasts and don’t miss our inspiring stories from people creating a cleaner energy future.

Conscious Basket Show

  • Publisher: Samantha McCord
  • Total Episodes: 12

Are you wondering how you can make more conscious decisions in your daily life to better impact our world and your health? Do you want to learn how you can move towards zero emissions by making incremental changes? Then you have come to the right place! You will find sustainable entrepreneurship, philosophers, and academics talking about the real behind the scenes of what we buy and the impact it has on our planet, human and animal rights and your health. All while giving you tips on how you can make your impact too.

Climate Change with Net Zero Homes

  • Publisher: Schneider Electric
  • Total Episodes: 3

Homes will become the biggest consumers of electricity by 2050. While electricity is the cleanest form of energy, we still have to contribute to make homes smart and sustainable. In this series, Manish Pant will invite global CEOs, key opinion leaders, industrial analysts, innovators, energy optimists of all sorts, and we’ll talk on how to reduce carbon emissions at home, how we can leverage smart technology and digital innovation so that we can collectively work towards the goal of limiting temperature rise to 1,5 degrees. Podcast With Manish Pant, EVP Home & Distribution, Schneider Electric

Climate Change Challenges & Solutions

  • Publisher: David Lilley
  • Total Episodes: 2

Climate change is the biggest challenge facing the world. None of the leading scientists in the world would debate this statement and there is a race to try and reduce the carbon emissions that will cause a tipping point in 10 years time if the plan signed up to by world leaders is not accomplished. Almost every human being in the world has a part to play and every business and organisation has a responsibility to understand both understand their carbon footprint and to create a plan to reduce it. We debate the challenges and the solutions.

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