20 Best Podcasts About Sustainable Development of 2021

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Are you wanting to learn more about sustainable development? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is a curated list of the best sustainable development podcasts of 2021.

We have selected these podcasts for a variety of reasons, but they are all well worth a listen. We tried to select a variety of podcasts across the spectrum from hosts with a wide breadth of experience.

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Best Sustainable Development Podcasts 2021

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Talking Headways: A Streetsblog Podcast

  • Publisher: The Overhead Wire
  • Total Episodes: 427

A review of the week’s top stories at the intersection of sustainable transportation, urban planning, and economic development. Hosted by Jeff Wood of The Overhead Wire.

Cleaning Up. Leadership in an age of climate change.

  • Publisher: Michael Liebreich
  • Total Episodes: 43

Once a week Michael Liebreich has a conversation with a leader in clean energy, mobility, climate finance or sustainable development. Informational, inspiring and fun!

Sustainable Nation

  • Publisher: Josh Prigge: CEO of Sustridge Sustainability Consulting
  • Total Episodes: 134

The Sustainable Nation Podcast delivers interviews with global leaders in sustainability and regenerative development twice a month. Our goal is to provide sustainability professionals, business leaders, academics, government officials and anyone interested in joining the sustainability revolution, with information and insights from the world’s most inspiring change-makers.

Harvard Center for International Development

  • Publisher: Harvard Center for International Development
  • Total Episodes: 120

The Center for International Development (CID) at Harvard University is a university-wide center that works to advance the understanding of development challenges and offer viable solutions to problems of global poverty. CID is Harvard’s leading research hub focusing on resolving the dilemmas of public policy associated with generating stable, shared, and sustainable prosperity in developing countries. Our ongoing mission is to apply knowledge to and revolutionize the world of development practice. WWW.CID.HARVARD.EDU

Ethical Fashion Podcast

  • Publisher: Ethical Fashion Initiative
  • Total Episodes: 18

How can fashion be a force for good? Goodbye fast fashion! Hello to a better way focused on social and environmental justice, inclusivity and sustainable development. The UN’s Ethical Fashion Initiative acts as a bridge, connecting marginalised artisan communities, often in challenging and remote locations, with some of the biggest names in international fashion. Explore the issues driving the ethical fashion conversation with your hosts UN officer Simone Cipriani and sustainable fashion journalist Clare Press.

ODI live events podcast

  • Publisher: Overseas Development Institute
  • Total Episodes: 166

Live recordings of the Overseas Development Institute events, covering everything from climate change to migration, gender to the Sustainable Development Goals. Join our global discussion of international development and humanitarian issues here. Find out more about ODI events: www.odi.org/events

Pulse on the Principles

  • Publisher: Digital Impact Alliance
  • Total Episodes: 15

The Principles for Digital Development are a set of guidelines meant to help tech-enabled international development programs become more effective and sustainable. “Pulse on the Principles” connects our global network of development and humanitarian practitioners to discuss successes, challenges, and the potential for putting the Digital Principles into practice! Our conversations will cover the intersection of technology and development, examining critical topics such as COVID-19, responsible data, gender and inclusion, and digital literacy. Keep your finger on the Digital Principles’ pulse: visit digitalprinciples.org, SUBSCRIBE to our show on your favorite podcast app, and leave a 5-star review!

Afrologue Podcast

  • Publisher: Afrologue
  • Total Episodes: 49

Afrologue is a platform for informed debate on African issues from a young Diaspora view. We hope to get conversations started on shed light on various approaches to sustainable African development.

The Modern Cotton Story

  • Publisher: e3 sustainable cotton
  • Total Episodes: 37

Learn all about cotton sponsored by BASF’s e3 sustainable cotton program. Enjoy interviews and episodes hosted by Jennifer Crumpler, Fiber Development Manager with key players in the cotton, textile, apparel, and retail industries.

The Writing Coach Podcast with Rebecca L. Weber

  • Publisher: Rebecca L. Weber
  • Total Episodes: 145

Rebecca L. Weber coaches with the sustainable strategies, mindset shifts, and creative skills development she uses to help independent writers around the world. If you’ve got what it takes to make it as a freelance writer, but struggle with confidence, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, procrastination, time management, writer’s block, improving your craft, marketing, pitching, underearning, pursuing meaning in your work, or getting in your own way, this is the writing podcast for you. Learn, grow, and succeed as a freelancer by identifying the wants and needs of your editors, your readers, and yourself. Rebecca draws on her experience as a journalist covering social justice, the environment, international development, the arts, and travel for publications like CNN, the New York Times, Dwell, and Ebony.com. Download a free guide on how to pitch at www.rebeccalweber.com/5-proven-steps

The Economic History Podcast

  • Publisher: Seán Kenny
  • Total Episodes: 23

The Economic History podcast is a platform for sharing knowledge, ideas and new research with a general interest audience. Each fortnight, we meet leading academics in the field and discuss a range of topics, including pandemics, long run economic growth, gender issues, financial crises, inequality, sustainable development and a number of weird and fun economic experiments in history. There is no time like the past to help us understand the present.

No Little Plans

  • Publisher: Community Foundations of Canada
  • Total Episodes: 17

In 2015, the United Nations challenged the world to meet 17 big goals that have one encompassing ambition: Leave no one behind. The Sustainable Development Goals are meant to improve the health of the planet and the lives of everyone on it. We have until 2030 to achieve them. This is No Little Plans, a podcast about the state of SDG progress in Canada, featuring many of the people who are doing the most to help this country succeed.

Project 17

  • Publisher: BBC World Service
  • Total Episodes: 17

Seventeen 17-year-olds tell us what they want from the UN Sustainable Development Goals


  • Publisher: Shari Friedman and Denise Odaro
  • Total Episodes: 72

Did you know we can fight climate change and reduce poverty by investing in sustainable businesses and greener practices? Join ClimateBiz co-hosts Shari Friedman and Esohe Denise Odaro as they explore inspiring global trends in green finance, buildings, agriculture, energy, manufacturing, and more – with world leaders, groundbreaking CEOs, and titans of international investment. No one knows about these emerging opportunities better than IFC, the world’s largest development institution focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries. Explore Opportunities Discover Solutions If you want to be part of the movement toward a sustainable world, then ClimateBiz is the podcast you need. About the Hosts: • Shari Friedman is IFC’s Climate Strategist and brings to the microphone experience in both the public and private spheres of green finance. As part of the of the US negotiating team for the Kyoto Protocol and an early player in renewable energy private equity funds, she brings a holistic view of what it takes to build climate markets. • Esohe Denise Odaro is Head of Investor Relations at IFC. She also chairs the Steering Committee of the Green, Social and Sustainability Linked Bond Principles, the most referenced framework globally for thematic bonds. In fact, Denise’s leadership in the development of the sustainable bond market led to her being named 2020 “Personality of the Year” by Environmental Finance Magazine.

Planet Impact

  • Publisher: Manthan Shah
  • Total Episodes: 27

Planet Impact is a show on how non-conformist individuals are changing the world. In this show, we speak with the most impactful individuals such as the Ashoka fellows, Forbes 30 under 30 nominees, TED Speakers, and even Nobel Laureates. With support from Google-PRX, Bridge from Billions and Ashoka, this podcast aims to inspire everyone to become a changemaker. We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, especially Goal 17: Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.

The Global Podcast

  • Publisher: The Global Podcast
  • Total Episodes: 66

THE GLOBAL PODCAST is hosted by Pax Tecum Global Consultancy in London with the objective to inform listeners on the need for diplomacy in international development. This includes commentary on the latest updates in foreign affairs around diplomatic engagement for both sustainable development and business as well as invited thought leaders, professionals and practitioners to give expertise from the field.

Flourish to 7 Figures Podcast: Growing Your Online Business to 7 Figures and Beyond

  • Publisher: Monica Louie
  • Total Episodes: 103

Welcome to the Flourish to 7 Figures Podcast! I’m your host, Monica Louie. This podcast is all about what it really takes to build a seven-figure business! Together, we’ll explore the many variables of a sustainable and successful business, including mindset, strategies, personal development, funnels, time management, growing your team, scaling your business, building your list, and of course, using Facebook and Instagram ads to connect with your ideal audience! Each week, we’ll sit down with entrepreneurs to hear their stories of challenge and triumph, and I’ll share my own journey as I grow a thriving 7-figure business. Let’s grow your business, amplify your impact, and scale your profits by building a sustainable and successful business — without the hustle!

Between the Lines

  • Publisher: Institute of Development Studies
  • Total Episodes: 31

This podcast series explores books with ideas for positive social and environmental change. Each month we feature a book and an interview with its author. The discussions give an insight on the themes covered in the book, exploring the challenges and discoveries, and why the issues matter for progressive and sustainable development globally.Send your comments and suggestions to [email protected] IDS on Twitter @IDS_UK #IDSbetweenthelinesThis podcast is brought to you by the Insitute of Development Studies (IDS), produced and edited by IDS Communications Coordinator, Sarah King.Music credit: Crypt of Insomnia/One Day in Africa (instrumental version)/Getty Images See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Tapestry 2030

  • Publisher: Ontario Council for International Cooperation
  • Total Episodes: 9

The Ontario Council for International Cooperation’s ‘Tapestry 2030’ podcast series focuses on the future of international cooperation and global solidarity, and the partnerships needed for gender transformative, sustainable development. We will be in conversation with diverse development actors and leaders from across Ontario and around the world, learning how they are working together to address some of the most pressing sustainable development challenges of our time. You’ll hear stories of partnership, approaches to a ‘Just Recovery’ in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, and insights on ways you can make a difference in our collective work to ‘leave no one behind’.

The Oblique Life Global Goals

  • Publisher: The Oblique Life
  • Total Episodes: 14

The world needs to shift to a new paradigm, but what is stopping us and how can we do this? In 2015, 193 world leaders signed up to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to achieve a more prosperous, peaceful, and sustainable world by the year 2030. We have the technology, we have the people and if we have the money but can we make this target? Romi Sumaria and Ben Joseph will explore some of the biggest challenges that we face to meet these goals, share the real stories of what is being done on the ground and speak to inspiring individuals and organisations that are leading the way in delivering impact.

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