5 Reasons Women Should Travel Without Men

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Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash
Photo by Hisu lee on Unsplash

Elle Voyage is a travel company exclusively for women who long to have an adventure, to discover different cultures, visit diverse continents, and stumble across breath-taking landscapes where they can make memories that last a lifetime. Today Elle Voyage owner and tour specialist, Dawn Simone, is sharing her top five reasons why women should travel WITHOUT men!

1. Be yourself – women can behave and act differently to how they normally would when they are around men. When they

travel without them, they can have different conversations, laugh at different things and not feel they need to act, dress or look a certain way.

2. Friendships – not everyone has people they can travel around the world with, so finding a group of like-minded women can be life changing. We form friendships with people like ourselves and travelling without men means we can form friendships with people that you would never normally have met.

3. Emotionally easier – traveling without men can feel emotionally easier. When they are together, women let their guard down and feel comfortable in their own skin. They feel supported and can open-up about their deepest fears, desires and passions without the feeling of being judged, which makes travelling to new places much easier and more enjoyable.

4. New adventures – travelling without men can lead to amazing new adventures and experiences that women might not have with them. An example of this is seeing how women live in other countries and the struggles they have faced to get where they are as well as learning about new cultures and their way of life.

5. New perspective – by travelling in a women’s only group you will get to experience things from a different perspective. The group dynamics are different, more relaxed and can be more uplifting because there are no barriers.


Dawn has always been passionate about travelling. At 21-years-old she started her career as a tour representative in Corfu which led her to working all over the world in Portugal, Kenya, Senegal, The Gambia, Turkey and Barbados, where she ended up living for five years.

After coming back to the UK, Dawn worked as an oversees wedding-coordinator and opened her own Pilates studio, but still travelled when she had the time. Dawn longed to travel more and give other like-minded women the opportunity to explore the globe, so she set up Elle Voyage for others who want to discover every corner of the world possible with a group of incredible women where fun and laughter is high on the agenda!

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