6 Most Soothing Coconut Oils For Your Skin

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The number of health benefits that coconut oil provides are immeasurable. This organic products.
It’s high in saturated fats and other essential ingredients that are important for your health. From improving digestion to mental health, it seems coconut oil might be the all-rounder we have all been waiting for. So this list is the best of the best – you’re lucky you’ve come here!

#1 Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

The Organic Virgin Coconut Oil travel product recommended by Jennifer Lane on Pretty Progressive.

I frequently use virgin coconut oil on my body with essential oils to repair dry skin and soothe chapped lips. What I love about Brandless is that their coconut oil is organic, cold pressed, and unrefined. These are requirements when using topically with essential oils.

It is low cost too, only $3 per jar! I like the small size jar (10 oz) because I know that it is fresh whenever I use it, instead of a huge jug that has been sitting in my kitchen cabinet forever. Only a small amount is needed when using coconut oil on the skin, so I find the smaller jar to be ideal for beauty treatments.


#2 Anjou Coconut Oil

The Anjou Coconut Oil travel product recommended by Stefanie Almond on Pretty Progressive.

I personally use this coconut oil for my skin and it does wonders… It is natural, organic, unrefined can be used for multiple purposes and reasonably priced. Try it out.


#3 Fractionated Coconut Oil

The Fractionated Coconut Oil travel product recommended by Kelsey Duran on Pretty Progressive.

I bought this coconut oil to make essential oil roller bottles. I was looking for something efficient to use with many people for make and take roller bottle classes. The way this bottle is set up with three different options of dispensing is wonderful! The pump has made it so that there is less mess when making roller bottles. The pouring option is a little harder to use with such small openings, but it will be effective if I need it for anything that is bigger.


#4 Maple Holistics Coconut Oil

The Maple Holistics Coconut Oil travel product recommended by Adina Mahalli on Pretty Progressive.

This pure fractioned coconut oil is a natural way to promote hair growth and healthy skin. It helps slow down the aging process. It’s completely natural so you don’t need to worry about any chemicals coming into contact with your skin. It can also be used as a massage oil and lubricant.


#5 Butcher Boy Coconut Oil

The Butcher Boy Coconut Oil travel product recommended by Melanie Pikosky on Pretty Progressive.

Butcher Boy Coconut Oil is a premium product from Columbus Vegetable Oils – a woman owned, family business, based in Des Plaines, IL. This coconut oil is non-gmo certified and non-hydrogenated, making it perfect to use as natural hair conditioner, natural makeup remover or a natural body moisturizer. The best thing about Butcher Boy Coconut Oil is the price! It can be found at your local Dollar Tree.


#6 Conscious Coconut Travel-Ready Coconut Oil Tube

The Conscious Coconut Travel-Ready Coconut Oil Tube travel product recommended by Isabel Savenor on Pretty Progressive.

Conscious Coconut Coconut Oil is crafted using the traditional cold-pressed method, without the use of heat, pressure, or machinery. As a result, CoCo is never exposed to any harsh or toxic chemicals. This ensures that it retains its powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial properties – just as nature intended.

CoCo also contains Vitamins E and K, which together pack a punch in delivering nutrients to the body, aiding in skin treatment, controlling blood sugar, stimulating hair growth, and for whole body health, just to name a few. It has amazing skincare benefits including:

  • Make-Up Remover
  • Face & Body Moisturizer
  • Lip Balm
  • Ayurvedic Oil Pulling
  • Under Eye Cream
  • Cuticle & Nail Repair
  • Face Wash


The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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Jennifer Lane from Loving Essential Oils

Stefanie Almond from Hope & Love Radio

Kelsey Duran from BabySensei

Adina Mahalli from Maple Holistics

Melanie Pikosky from Columbus Vegetable Oils

Isabel Savenor from The Woods & Co.

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