Best Podcasts for Self-Help and Personal Growth

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At the start each year, there’s a refreshed sense of inspiration and desire for self-improvement and growth. But when taking care of others, juggling work, school or just your daily to-do’s, self-care can oftentimes fall on the backburner once again. With this in mind, we thought we’d help you find ways to make some changes to your physical, mental or emotional health and stay inspired.

For many people, strategies like goal setting, pushing harder, and creating accountability checks may simply not do the trick anymore. Since it can be difficult to find that motivation at the end of the year, small self-care steps can include taking time to simply reflect, reset and recharge. We’ve all been there, that’s why we wanted to look for new sources of inspiration to start the year on the right track –– podcasts!

Podcasts have become incredibly popular over the past few years, they’re great to listen to while you’re on the go or when you are doing some mindless busy work. They’re great to play during our morning commutes and let’s be real, they can be immensely more helpful than playlists or whatever’s playing on the radio. However, when looking for the right podcast to listen to, you’ve probably noticed that there are thousands to choose from which can be overwhelming. To help narrow down to ones that fit your goals, below is a collection of some really good and helpful finds on self-help, personal growth and even professional growth!

To stick to your New Year resolutions and goals, consider implementing small changes into your day-to-day now to help keep you motivated and build healthier habits. The habits you build now, can then help set the foundation for the bigger goals you’d like to set for yourself this year.

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