Delightful Dwellings: Ridding Your Home of Negative Energy

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Delightful Dwellings Ridding Your Home of Negative Energy

Home is where the heart is. It should also be the place you feel most relaxed and entirely at peace. Feeling on edge, unlucky, or depressed, however, may be signs that your home is fostering negative energy. Luckily, ridding your home of negative energy is quite simple. These four easy steps will have your house feeling cozy and calm again in no time.

Start with a clean slate

A home with positive energy begins with a clean environment. Taking some time to cleanse your home of any visible messes will go a long way to clear out invisible negative energy. Open windows to let in a bit of fresh air; this will create a pathway for negative energy to exit through and allows positive energy to enter. You should also shake out blankets, pillows, and other materials that can hold onto negative energy. As you clean your home, be sure to repair or remove any broken items as well, as these can alter your home’s feng shui.

Shoo out the negative energy

After you’ve opened the windows and created a path for energy to flow, it’s time to shoo out the negative energy. The best way to do this is to make a bit of noise. Try ringing a bell three times in each corner of each room—the sound waves created by the bell will carry the negative energy out and away from your home. You can achieve the same effect by banging pots and pans, playing high frequency music, or simply clapping. Be sure to also ring the bell in the doorways of each room to ensure the negative energy has completely exited your home.

Smudge the space

Smudging is a spiritual ceremony originally practiced by certain Native American tribes to cleanse or bless a space. The smoke produced by burning specific herbs purifies the air and expels negative energy. The most common herb for smudging is sage, due to its ability to bring health, prosperity, and protection. Palo Santo sticks are also a popular medium for smudging. This wood produces a sweet and minty aroma to replace negative spirits with purer energy—use this to create a sense of positivity and healing. If you live in a space that does not allow you to burn incense, such as an apartment, you can also use essential oils or sprays to cleanse the space.

Place crystals around the home

Once the negative energy has left your home, you want it to stay away. To keep negative energy at bay, place healing crystals and stones around your home. One of the benefits of purple gemstones is protecting you from negative thoughts and energy. One of the best crystals to use when ridding your home of negative energy is amethyst. This crystal possesses the ability to transform negative energy into love—it’s said to neutralize arguments and repair relationships. Other popular crystals used to cleanse negative energy are black tourmaline and quartz. Use your best intuition for where you place the crystals.

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