East Asian-Owned Software Startups Reshaping America’s Tech Landscape

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As we continue in our series on minority-founded startups in the software industry, we’re excited to spotlight these remarkable businesses built by East Asian entrepreneurs. These groundbreaking innovators are making waves and pushing boundaries in fields ranging from 3D technology and fashion robotics to artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics. It’s no surprise that these startups are headquartered in some of the world’s largest tech hubs including Silicon Valley and New York City.

Each of startups draws upon unique concepts and innovative techniques, offering a diverse range of solutions. Whether they are developing revolutionary AI-powered platforms or advancing sustainable, eco-friendly initiatives, these companies are shaping industry trends and setting new standards for their sector. Steered by creative and trailblazing founders, they are not only contributing to technological advancement but also propelling diversity and inclusion in the tech world.

The software industry moves at lightning speed, but these startups find ways to stand out and create solutions that impact the lives of users around the globe. Each of them is a testament to the potential of innovative thinking, tenacity, and dedication. Let’s take a look at these fascinating startups and explore what they bring to the table.


Based in San Francisco, this startup operates in the 3D technology, collaboration, product design, and software spaces. Founded by Cecilia Uhr and Julian Park, Bezi aids those who desire to venture into the designing 3D products. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


unspun uses 3D technology to produce custom jeans on demand. A vision of Elizabeth Esponnette, Kevin Martin, and Walden Lam, this San Francisco, California startup is backed by substantial supporters like Fifty Years, Prelude Ventures, SOSV, and the H&M Foundation. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages to learn more.

Track Revenue

Track Revenue, a startup founded by Brian Chiu and Eric Yip, innovates online marketing campaign management with its AI powered platform. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated.


Hui Zhang and Ion Stoica are the great minds behind Conviva, a startup that provides real-time streaming analytics for various businesses. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more information.


An analytics and AI startup, Searchlight empowers companies to improve hiring efficiency by providing predictive talent intelligence. Founded by Anna X. Wang and Kerry Wang, Searchlight is committed to people-first hiring. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn to stay updated.


Stratifyd, founded by Derek Wang, is an AI-powered analytic platform that visualizes structured and unstructured human textual data. For the latest news, check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Retina AI

Founded by Brad Ito, Emad Hasan, and Michael Greenberg, Retina AI uses algorithms to pinpoint high-value customers and deliver actionable insights. Check them out on Retina.ai.


Co-founded by Alfredo Jaldin and Miho Shoji, Moodbit offers a unique analytics and HR software solution that analyzes active data from communication platforms in an anonymous and secure way. Visit their Facebook and LinkedIn for more about their services.


Enya.ai was founded by Alan Chiu and Jan Liphardt to provide a secure computation platform optimized for edge devices. Stay connected through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Founded by Kaitlin Windle, Apte offers insights and analytics software to empower nonprofits. Connect with them on their LinkedIn page.


Roshi, founded by Celia Carter, Heidi Hudson, and Jason West, offers a comprehensive business platform for cannabis manufacturers and distributors. Follow their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for updates.

In conclusion, it’s truly inspiring to see such diversity and innovation in the tech industry and witness how these startups are making real impacts. As they continue to thrive and grow, they personify the power of diverse representation in tech. Be sure to follow their journey as they continue to redefine the tech landscape with their trailblazing solutions.

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