Effective Ways To Build Company Morale

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Effective Ways To Build Company Morale

Really, it’s not possible for company morale to be too high. A healthy working environment where everyone feels comfortable, accepted, and understood increases productivity and employee satisfaction. Below are just a few effective ways to build company morale.

Recognize Employee Accomplishments

As the saying goes, when you do things right, people won’t know you’ve done anything at all. Many supervisors and managers may not notice good work as often as poor performance, but recognition is key to motivation. Employees get to feel that sense of accomplishment in their day-to-day work, taking something they have to do and making it something they want to do instead. If others are recognizing it, then that work must have meaning to it.

Team Building

Encouraging team member engagement can be as simple as having a breakroom where they can all go to relax and chat. It can also take the form of a company luncheon, providing food and the opportunity for coworkers to get to know each other. Gift exchanges during holiday parties or any company outing can be an effective way to build company morale. If you don’t know what kind of gift to give, don’t worry—there are plenty of ideas out there.

Sense of Purpose

Employees need to grow in their positions and learn skills and tools to advance on their career path. It can be discouraging to have an aimless way forward and far more so if they feel that their path is going nowhere at all. Employees don’t just need something to work on; they need something to work toward—a tangible goal that they can see themselves achieving.


Keep open communications with your teams on current projects, goals, and company news, positive or negative. Employees appreciate being in the know about the goings-on of the company they work for, and that information can help them understand the impact that they and their departments have. And for the sake of synergy, employees and departments should be on the same page as one another so that everyone knows the goal and each employee’s role in that mission.

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