Empowering American Social Media: East Asian Women-Led Startups Triumph

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Welcome to Pretty Progressive!
Our ongoing series highlights exceptional startups founded by members of marginalized groups. We believe their hard work, innovation, and achievements should be recognized and celebrated. Today, we’re featuring top startups in the social media industry founded by East Asians.
These companies are not only thriving in a highly competitive sector, they’re also bringing a unique perspective to the table, paving the way for more inclusive entrepreneurship. Let’s get acquainted with some of the most innovative East Asian founded startups of social media!


Conviva, based in Foster City, California, is a frontrunner in the fields of Advertising, Analytics, Information Technology, Marketing, and more. Having successfully established a leading global streaming analytics platform, Conviva’s technology benefits various businesses, ranging from marketers to customer care teams. Founded by Hui Zhang, and Ion Stoica, Conviva represents an impressive blend of technological innovation and customer-centricity. Learn more about them through their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter presence.


Based in Houston, Texas, Chow-Bryant is an agency that takes digital advertising and marketing to the next level. Founded by Chris(tina) Brady and Michael Bryant, Chow-Bryant offers comprehensive, data-driven digital advertising solutions to businesses. Stay connected to them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Heymarket, a San Fransico based startup, has transformed how companies interact with their customers through omnichannel messaging. Founded by Amit Kulkarni and Manav Monga, Heymarket provides businesses with shared inboxes, assignments, templates, and reminders, to better manage their communications across different platforms. Follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for more information.


Founded by Mark Zhang and Suelin Chen, Cake is a pioneering digital platform making end-of-life planning and post-loss support more accessible. This startup stands as a testament to the diverse applications of technology, serving millions of people every month. Detailed information about them is available on their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter platforms.


Fairygodboss, co-founded by Georgene Huang and Romy Newman, is a unique platform aligning women with career advice and job opportunities. It’s a revolutionary online space where women can find supportive employers. Keep up with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Playground, found by Linda (Jia Ling) Yang, is an innovative social digital platform aiming to foster community connections via shared interests. Based in New York, Playground is revolutionizing the concept of socializing in the contemporary digital era. Check out more about them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

employHER Inc.

Based in Seattle, Washington, employHER Inc., founded by Preet Sohi, offers an innovative talent intelligence video platform aiming to create an inclusive network for women, gender diverse, disabled, and BIPOC candidates. You can follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Triptomize, an LA based startup, has introduced a novel concept where you can book custom itineraries from anything you see online. Co-founded by Jordan Griffin and Zachary Chien, they are simplifying the social aspect of travel planning, making travel experiences a source of passive income. Follow them on their LinkedIn page.


Celly is redefining social networking. Co-founded by Greg Passmore and Russell Okamoto and based in Portland, Oregon, Celly supports anyone to create instant public or private social networks, making it highly effective for a range of applications including schools, businesses, communities, and social movements. Connect with them through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Closer Sports

Founded by Gopal Ramachandran and Jeff Warren, Closer Sports is creating a ground-breaking live-streaming platform for athletes to connect directly with fans. Helping overcome the limitations of traditional broadcasting and existing social media, Closer Sports uniquely allows athletes to charge for access to their live-streams. You can learn more about them on their website.


Landng, based in Los Angeles and co-founded by Devon Keakulina DeAngelo and Nacera Belal, is reinventing travel planning. Along with personalized itinerary discovery, they provide a creator marketplace, making travel planning creative and inclusive. Discover them on their website.

We at Pretty Progressive strive to illuminate the path for minority-founded startups. Our hope is that these featured East Asian founded Social Media startups inspire and encourage many more to rise in the tech world. Until next time, stay Pretty Progressive!

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