Ethical Product Review: FLUX Period-Proof Underwear – Bikini

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Upgrade your period with FLUX period-proof underwear, designed to be used instead of disposable pads and tampons. Made with soft and sustainable tencel modal, the bikini style period pants are comfortable to wear, and will hold up to four tampons worth of liquid. The pants feature a lace trim too keep your underwear looking cute too! Suitable for vegans and free from any synthetic fragrances, parabens and other nasty chemicals.

The period pants are made with a moisture-wicking soft top layer to keep you fresh and dry, a second anti-microbial layer to keep you clean, and a leak proof breathable PUL barrier – perfect for periods, leaks and incontinence.

FLUX undies use Oeko-Tex certified fabrics and the pants are ethically made in China, in a family run factory that is ISO and BSCI approved, where employees are given proper pay and adequate rest breaks.

FLUX Period-Proof Underwear – Bikini Review:

Bikini FLUX period-proof underwear, designed to be used in place of tampons or disposable pads.

The FLUX underwear is made with a soft, moisture-wicking top layer to keep you fresh and dry. It has an anti-microbial layer on the outside to keep you clean and a leak-proof breathable PUL layer on the inside to be comfortable, fresh and leak-proof.

FLUX underwear are tencel-modal blend, offering beautiful comfort, breathability and moisture wicking, helping you feel dry, fresh and comfortable all day. We use a beautiful Italian lace trim to add an extra touch of luxury to your period underwear. The underwear also features an elasticated waistband so you stay comfortable and supported.

The underwear is made with a breathable, water repellent PUL layer inside, so they are leak and stain-proof. You can wear the underwear with one side of the PUL layer against your skin, and the other side facing out, so the underwear can be worn on either side. We’ve also designed the undies with a double layer of material. FLUX underwear are 9cm longer than your average underwear, so you can wear them longer than just when you’re on your period.

FLUX underwear can be worn in place of disposables for the whole duration of your period. They can also be used as bladder control underwear, especially when you are leaking. Just as you don’t want to ruin your undies, you don’t want to ruin your nice fabrics or mattresses with a bladder incontinence accident. It is also perfect for leakage, when you are really full, so you are staying fresh and dry. The underwear will start to smell at the hand wash cycle, and unfortunately no product is fail proof, but the FLUX underwear will reduce leakage and stains.

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When you have a period we recommend you change FLUX underwear every 2-3 hours to prolong freshness. Trying to keep the moisture away from the vaginal area will help with odour, and prevent bacterial build up. It is also more comfortable to change often, as it helps to prevent you from feeling sticky or wet.

Some people try to avoid wearing underwear while they are on their period, and just wear pads or wrap their underwear in toilet paper. As they are also bleed, they add to the amount of disposable products you throw away, contributing to waste. Having the underwear on hand and ready to wear is a really easy way to avoid using disposable products during your period.

FLUX underwear give women the ability to feel confident, free, and sweat free for your entire cycle. Designed in New Zealand, FLUX underwear are ethical and fair, made in China in a factory where employees work in a safe, healthy and stress free working environment which was tested independently by BSCI. Every step of the process is controlled by ISO 9001, and in the end FLUX underwear are quality and ethically made, allowing them to sell at a lower price.

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Benefits of FLUX Underwear:
The FLUX underwear will last you the full duration of your period, with no bulkiness or feel of wetness.

You can wear them as a back up for bladder control underwear.

They are made with no harmful chemicals including no synthetic fragrances, parabens or other nasty chemicals too.

A biodegradable pouch is included with your FLUX underwear to ensure they are disposed of as bio-degradable, sustainable packaging. FLUX underwear will biodegrade in 118 days in the ground, much more biodegradable than disposable feminine hygiene products.

The underwear is created to be flushable for easy sanitation on top of the biodegradable packaging pouch. The PUL layer, a product made with plastic, will not degrade and can block sewers, so make sure to dispose of your FLUX underwear responsibly and in appropriate disposal bins.

FLUX underwear can be worn on either your cycle or bladder control days, and can be worn as a back up for bladder incontinence. FLUX underwear are 9cm longer than your average underwear, so you can wear FLUX underwear for longer than just your period.

Available in one size fits all, the FLUX underwear can be machine washed and tumbled dried at medium setting.

Since the underwear is being worn all period it is recommended you change every two to three hours to prolong freshness and try to always wear FLUX underwear with the PUL layer against your body.

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