Ethical Product Review: PowerPlus Panther Wind up & Solar Radio, Torch & Power Bank

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The Panther is a unique multi-functional solar powered radio and wind up radio from PowerPlus©. It’s a favourite with our outdoor-loving staff as it replaces the functions of devices you’d usually have to carry individually. Its ingenious 5-in-1 design saves space, time and money and gives you the following key features:


  • FM Radio
  • Charge via Dynamo, Solar Panel, USB or DC-in
  • USB out connection for use as an emergency charger power bank
  • AAA battery charger – runs on 3x AAA batteries which are recharged when powered
  • Handy LED Flashlight function
  • Personal alarm function

PowerPlus Panther Wind up & Solar Radio Review:

You can’t beat the thrill of a real wind up radio! This was the first kind of device anyone would have owned in childhood – a tried and trusted method of keeping in touch with the world. Now you can be transported back to your childhood with this retro design from PowerPlus©, which has a vintage feel with brands reminiscent of the 80’s. The design is sturdy and convenient – it’s easy to put on charge or wind up, and charges quickly. However, the light rustic feel may not be to everyone’s taste and there is no LCD screen, which is not a deal-breaker for most people. Overall, it’s a great retro radio which does everything it says.

PowerPlus Solar Powered Radio Torch Review:

  • This new release is a solar powered radio, torch and emergency smartphone charger and is compatible with iPhone, Android and iPad.
  • We found this an excellent gadget for camping or travelling. With its impressive solar panel to charge by, you really can’t go wrong.
  • This device charges itself via solar power
  • The solar panel can be attached to your backpack or suctioned to your window
  • There are two ways to charge your device, by plug and USB
  • There are four main charging speeds (1,500 mA, 2,000 mA, 2,600 mA and 1,200 mA)
  • You’ll never again hear the dreaded message, “Battery Low” on your smartphone.
  • It’s a great design and the torch function is useful. The solar panels work well in the sun, which is really the only time you’ll need the torch function.

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PowerPlus Panther Wind up & Solar Radio Review:

This is the latest gadget in the PowerPlus range and is a multi-functional solar powered radio, torch and power bank. It has a solar panel to charge it and works in multiple ways to charge a device. It has a 2,300mAH capacity and so will recharge your device on the go. There is USB out functionality with 2,600 mA charging capacity to charge your device, and adapter in, which allows you to charge using the power bank.

Charge via Dynamo:
Simply hold down the power button for a few seconds and the unit will turn on and charge. A small red light will blink intermittently to indicate that the unit is charging. As the unit is charging, the light will become brighter, and when it is fully charged, the red light will become a steady glow. Charge via solar panel:

The Powerplus Panther is equipped with a charging button which allows you to charge it via solar power. You simply need to detach the solar panel and stick it to a window or any other surface exposed to direct sunlight. There is also a suction cup, which you can use to attach it to a window. The solar panel charges the unit while it is in use. Charge via DC:

To charge the device by DC, simply use a solar USB cable and attach it to the DC input port of the device. Note: 1.When the device is charging by solar power, it is better to charge it indoor or in a dim place where the solar panel have enough light for charging.

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