Ethical Product Review:Volumising Mascara – Black 7ml

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  • Volumise, condition and lengthen lashes with organic mascara
  • Natural mineral pigments for intense natural black colour
  • Nourish roots and condition lashes with 98% natural ingredients
  • Unique precision brush offers excellent lash definition
  • Natural cellulose micro spheres give outstanding volume
  • Concentrated formula: a little goes a long way
  • Vitamin E, Sunflower oil & Organic Beeswax

Volumising Mascara-Black Review:

I was given a free sample of this mascara to use for this review, however anything I say about this mascara is entirely my own opinion.

When I first received this mascara I didn’t realise quite how light the violet colour was. I know it says black but I was intrigued by the colour. so I applied this mascara on my usual diurnal eye opening time. I was initially worried about it being to light, The close up pic below shows just how much bang for your buck you get for just £2.00!

It was easy to apply. I found it slanted black onto the lid. I was disappointed when it came to removing it with eye makeup remover. It was so hard to remove with the remover. It took such a long time to get it off my eyes.

Packaged in an easy to use to shape brow powder; helps to define and sculpt brows.

I’m really glad I got this in my box cos I’ve been wanting a new brow powder. Now I just have to see what colour I get!

Great product for summer. The colour is perfect for swimming!


I’ve never used a coloured eyeliner. But I think my blue eyes would look amazing with brown. And I do love this blue tinted toner. This would be a great product to take away on holiday with you to wear when you venture out on to the sun soaked beaches of the Greek Islands!

I really loved the smell and the packaging! The product itself was pretty good as well. I just wish the tint didn’t make my skin feel so raw. I left it on for about 10 minutes.

The eye liner itself is great! I’m not a lash fan myself, but this eyeliner comes right to the lashes and helps create the perfect cat eye. The eyeliner is easy to apply and if you make a mistake, it’s easy to fix. What I didn’t like was the fact that I didn’t get a lot of product because it wasn’t the full size. I was using a completey different colour than the one it’s named from but did end up with a nice looking eyeliner.

So I’ve never really given lash curlers a fair chance. But when I received dewers lashes curling mascara I decided to give them a go.

Basically the curling mascara is amazing!

My tips for you on eyelashes:

  1. Use lash curler so that the lashes are longer and curled. b) Use lash curler twice and curl lashes all the way down for a nicely defined curl effect!

I’ll give this a 6/10.

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I have to say that my hair wasn’t as soft and shiny as it usually is when I use the Argan Oil & Jojoba oil night treatment. On first use it did seem to do very little to help my dry hair, but over time I have noticed that I do seem to appreciate it more. I do think it does help to soften my hair and make it look more full.

I’m afraid I don’t get on with Robuchon’s fragrances as a whole. I find them to be too strong for me, they can sometimes be a little sickly. However on this occassion and the beauty box it’s nice to smell nice to.

So I smell fresh and lavender. The best part of the body wash was the feeling after applying it, it felt so smooth and soft!

I remember being on holiday with my father when I was little, my older brother had managed to pinch the Body Shop shower gel from the hotel bathroom. So whilst we were on a night out with my dad, the boys and myself, I kept it a secret that I was on my own, I put the shower gel on my hand and put it on my face. I was quite excited at the thought of not smelling like a 68 year old for once!

I know that this is a micro pump for spraying, but it’s massive! But for the size of the nozzle it does pretty well at giving out a little shower.

I made the mistake of trying this deodorant on dry nails. It worked and it worked well! But in the morning the next day the smell was horrendous. So I advise you don’t try this out before you’re with someone to make sure that they aren’t offended!

This has to be one of my favourite hand creams! I’ve never experienced a salt scrub of this quality in a hand cream! It had a great texture and smelled amazing. I just put this on after I have done my face and it doesn’t make my skin feel dry or tight. It keeps me looking young and well manicured!

I love a mirror compact. I feel like I’m carrying one all the time and it’s such a small item to put in my bag. I love the little compartment in the shape of the C in M.

It’s not the best travelling compact I’ve ever used however I love the shape of it. There are a billion compacts out there at the minute so it’s hard to find ones you like. So I think this is a great compact to get if you want to try something different.

So I do love my Laura Geller Matte long wearing lip gloss. And after the glamour rose event this was one of the products I want to try.

It’s an extremely easy to apply. It’s the perfect shade for me, I have a lot of orange tones in my lips so this is perfect. But it does take a little longer than you think to apply it. I think this is the perfect shade for a day out!

The cherry on the top was the cute little cherry lip balm with sparkles on it! It’s so sparkly, if I want to add a little more sparkle to my makeup this is my go to product!

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