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Ethical Product Review: WUKA Period Pants – Light

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Reduce your period waste by switching to these reusable Light Period Pants which can be worn for up to 8 hours on lighter days and saves over 100 tampons and pads going to landfill. These light pants can hold up to 5ml of blood – around 1 tampon – and are made up of 4 separate layers of fabric to keep you leak free all day. The unique absorbent layer collects the blood and locks it in, with the leak proof layer preventing the blood from passing through the underwear but allowing airflow so they are breathable and keeps you dry.

The pants use a Lenzing Micromodal fabric which is sustainably made from beech tree fibres from Austria and is 100% carbon neutral, whilst being 3.5x softer than fine cotton. The midi brief style also provides full coverage without feeling bulky, and has antibacterial properties to help prevent odour and bacterial growth.

Can also be worn for urinary incontinence, light bladder leaks, endometriosis flow and postpartum discharge.

WUKA Period Pants – Light Review:

I received these on the day my period was due and have been testing them all through my cycle and I’m impressed with them, I never thought I’d come home from work without having to use a spare tampon or pad. I used them on a light day for the first time. I’m a pretty heavy flow and usually can’t wear a panty liner for more than an hour on these days. I went out with my boyfriend and we spent the day walking around town. I wore them for 7 hours straight and didn’t have any leaks.

It’s so nice to have the freedom of walking around and not worrying. I liked the way I could easily check if I needed to take my pants off and change without having to take my trousers off. Usually I would sit in a public toilet and change my tampon/pad and tops of my trousers.

They are kind of like a maxi pad, soft and thick. There is a layer of silver metallic fabric between your skin and the absorbent one, it has a sort of tacky feel due to the silver fabric but it doesn’t bother me. They have a quality soft flannel surface on the back which doesn’t feel scratchy against your skin at all. They come with a storage bag as well as a fleecy bag to store them in between uses.

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WUKA Period Pants – Light Review:

I wore them again to do some gardening in the garden, and I was amazed at how much you can feel you are on your period and you aren’t always checking! I wore my Wuka pants on the next day, when I was due to be due as well, It was a heavy day but I didn’t want to change it until the end of the day so I wore the pants I wore the day before. I managed to go to work for about 4 hours and I didn’t have any leaks, and they were super comfortable. It was hard not to have to change during the day since I was a heavy flow day but it was worth it!

I have been really impressed with the pants, I think if you have a very heavy flow you might have to change them during the day or wear more than one pair, but I don’t think this is a fault of the pants but of the period not having a break! I really like the midi style, it makes them look more like regular briefs, rather than a maxi pad with big thick elastic. The pants are large enough to wear on a light flow and the plastic over the corners of the pants makes them fit comfortably like normal briefs.

I tested them during my menopause and whilst it wasn’t my period it was white discharge and I was wearing the pants for that, they were very absorbent and comfortable to wear on those light days too. I’m really impressed with the pants, I’ve been using them everyday and I’m really glad I found them and they fit in with my life and routine so well and haven’t been disruptive to me. They are really easy to wash and dry really quickly, add a clothes peg and hang them out and they are dry in an hour or so.

I really like the pod system they use rather than the big bulky piles of pants you need to carry around with you daily, I think it’s much more discreet and less obtrusive to just put them in your handbag! I was surprised with the amount of blood the pants can hold, especially with the different levels, the Wukas can hold up to half a tampon’s worth of blood. I wore them a v heavy day and needed to change my pants in the evening, but I wanted to wear them again in the morning. I was so glad I could still use one set of pants the next day, instead of having to carry spare ones with me.

I’ll definitely be wearing them again on my period and during the menopause, also incontinence, I know a lot of my friends already use them and they are even buying more, I think they’re great.

WUKA Period Pants – Light Review:

Are you interested in saving the world one period at a time, and reducing the amount of waste you produce on your period each month? Then look no further! WUKA are an ethical company, and their products have many benefits and are not only eco-friendly and reusable, but they are also comfortable and convenient to wear making them a great alternative to sanitary products.

We are pleased to say that we are giving one lucky winner the opportunity to trial WUKA Pads, and WUKA Tampons for up to 8 hours at a time. This is a fantastic opportunity to try WUKA before you buy so simply enter below for a chance to win. Best of luck. Please note: Entry is restricted to 18 years old or over.

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