Greener Pastures: Eco-Friendly Ways To Renovate Your Space

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Greener Pastures: Eco-Friendly Ways To Renovate Your Space

To the eco-conscious, the word “renovation” can sound frightening. It conjures up images of chemical-laden paint, discarded materials and furniture in landfills, and shiny, new objects crafted in a polluted factory—all of which prove detrimental to the environment. But renovating your home doesn’t have to mean casting aside your eco-friendly beliefs. Want to make a big change in a clean and green way? Read about these eco-friendly ways to renovate your space.

Add a Pop of Color With Eco-Friendly Paint

The quickest and easiest way to spruce up your home is to paint it. Sadly, most brands of paint are chock full of volatile organic chemicals. These VOCs are bad for the environment and your health. Fortunately, there are plenty of eco-friendly paint alternatives that feature minimal or zero VOCs. These paints are made from natural materials and are completely nontoxic, giving you the freedom to paint whatever you want, whenever you want without worry.

Buy Refurbished, Not New

Buying refurbished furniture instead of new furniture is another eco-friendly way to renovate your space. Many people believe old and pre-owned furniture is less functional and attractive than new furniture. It’s true that most furniture wears down with time, but that doesn’t mean those scuff marks and dull colors are permanent.

Many trained woodworkers and artists all around the work pick up battered and discarded furniture from landfills and consignment shops and make them look brand-new again. The next time you’re looking for furniture, search for refurbished items. Refurbished furniture is cheaper than new furniture and looks like it came straight from the factory.

Opt for Energy-Efficient Appliances

If you’re renovating your kitchen or another area of the home, shop for energy-efficient appliances. Energy Star-certified appliances are designed to use as little water and electricity as possible. They’re a sizeable upfront investment, but they’ll save you money in the long run by cutting down on your monthly utility bills. You get to save money and help out the environment at the same time. There’s no better deal than that!

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