Helpful Equipment To Have for Planting Trees

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Helpful Equipment To Have for Planting Trees

Planting trees can have a wide range of benefits, from increasing property value to reducing erosion and providing an additional source of clean air. Unless you have extremely strong and durable hands, however, planting a tree is going to prove highly challenging without at least a couple of tools. To ensure that your tree gets planted as quickly and efficiently as possible, make sure to acquire the items on this list of the most helpful equipment for planting trees.

A Shovel and a Spade

Two of the most important tools for planting a tree include a shovel and a spade. A shovel with a round-point will prove highly useful for scooping up dirt and digging the hole for the tree. The flat end of a spade, however, will come in handy for breaking sod and slicing through soil or shoveling the dirt back into the hole around the tree. 

A Skid Steer Auger

If you need to plant a tree that is on the larger side, consider using a skid steer auger. These useful tools are often used by landscapers for planting trees quickly due to their ability to dig deep, precise holes in a matter of seconds. Renting or purchasing a skid steer auger may prove particularly beneficial if you wish to plant a tree in hard, solid soil, as these tools have the capability to excavate rock or other extremely hard surfaces.

A Digging Bar

Another type of helpful equipment to have for planting trees is a digging bar. A digging bar is a long, straight metal bar that can be used to break up or loosen compacted soil or rock. In addition, it can also prove useful for prying heavy objects such as boulders or existing roots out of the ground. This tool will be highly beneficial to have on hand if you encounter any obstacles while attempting to dig the hole for your tree. 

A Wagon

Last but not least, you should also keep a wagon on hand if you want to plant a tree. Unless your tree is a small sapling, it will likely be very heavy. To make the process of transporting the tree to the desired planting site easier, it’s a good idea to wheel it over in a wagon.

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