How to Have a Productive Day at Work?

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Ah, nothing like a little bit of daydreaming, sudden casual dancing, or hiding in the toilet, and your workday is over before you know it… Unfortunately, life is not a sitcom or a music video, and there are things to be done to earn your paycheck. So we can have nice stuff, holidays with family and food on our table. So, if we are among the lucky ones who have a job in these challenging times, here’s how to rock it every day.

5 tips to having a productive workday

To-do list is your friend

Our concentration levels are the highest in the morning, especially after a cup or two of a good instant coffee. So, the first thing you need to do is to make a to-do list. Start with the most important tasks right away, and leave the easier ones for after lunch. Don’t fall into the trap of doing the opposite. Make a list, and just cross things after finishing them. And while we are on this subject…

Set your roadmap

Your to-do list is useless if you don’t have time for it. So, when the day is still young, and caffeine is kicking in your veins, make a roadmap of the whole day. Be sure to put a couple of do-not-disturb hours, if possible, so you can finish the most important tasks. Put the sign in your calendar or on your office doors. This way, your colleagues know you are in the middle of serious business. Don’t forget to leave some time for breakfast or brunch, as you need the energy. That leads us to…

Don’t be afraid to take a break

Reward yourself with a break after finishing a challenging task. Stretch your legs a little bit, go out grab some fresh air. But don’t make it too time-consuming. Also, don’t spend your hard-earned breaks in office gossip or distracting someone else working. Use your pause to recharge both mentally and physically. And while we are about mental health…

Tidy workspace equals productivity

When you are in your office, you need to focus on the work. And it’s hard to focus if you have trouble finding your laptop under all that mess on your table. So, clean your table/office from all the unnecessary stuff that only serves as a distraction. Only the necessary office tools and a bottle of water or juice. And of course, your mobile phone charger, but no peeking! Work. Preparation is the key to everything. And as for the preparation…

Prepare your clothes the night before

Sounds funny, but it works. Of course, you don’t have to go all the way like Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, and superhero characters do and wear the same outfit every day. No, the trick is not to waste time in the morning deciding what you are going to wear. Or not having a nervous breakdown because your favorite piece of clothes is obviously damaged by the teeth of your pet. Prepare your outfit the evening before, and in the morning, you can just slip in it!


It’s easy to get distracted while working. But, with these five little tricks, you will be riding that high productivity horse every single day. Be prepared, don’t get distracted, and reward yourself with oh so needed pause or two. It’s all it takes to be the employee of the month!

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