Ethical Product Review: Love Life Supplements Lactospore Plus – 120 capsules

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LactoSpore® Plus is the next generation of Probiotic Support. The superior bacterial species Bacillus Coagulans forms spores, which on activation in the acidic environment of the stomach, can germinate and proliferate in the intestine, produce the favoured L(+) form of lactic acid and effectively prevent the growth of pathogens.

Love Life Supplements Lactospore Plus Review:

LactoSpore® Plus is a 3-month supply of probiotic lactobacilli in a capsule. Made by Brimstone Health Ltd., a stringent Food Wellbeing company which independently tests and certifies its products, it has been designed to genuinely support the immune system.

The product is a blend of 10 well researched strains of lactobacilli (bifidobacteria, lactobacillus, Lactobacillus bifidum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus plantarum and Streptococcus thermaphilus). This provides the human gut flora with an excellent spectrum of organisms that will both protect the body inflammation and increase the body’s capacity to absorb nutrients by improving the immune response to nutrients.

After I had my children I often suffered from two consecutive days of vomiting, but I wouldn’t have thought this was due to ill-health as I hadn’t picked up any infections during my pregnancy. I also suffered a recovery period of several days after each bout of linctus.

At first I thought this was as a result of my lack of “diet”. I had become severely lactose-intolerant and so would gorge on foods containing lactose after being sick – chocolate, ice cream, cheese or anything sweet. I realised that this was contributing to my recurrent bouts of vomiting and decided to stop eating the foods I was so allergic to. I also came to the conclusion that my immune system was not functioning properly as I regularly cleared sick bugs on my own without much effort.

After six months of non-stop crying I decided to blame the product and ordered a refund. One month later I had a bad bout of flu that lasted several weeks. I realised that LactoSpore® had truly healed my gut. I bought another bottle and used it diligently throughout the next strain, but I lost my appetite and became less and less interested in food.

The immune system was still on the back-burner, and for a while the virus took care of getting rid of invaders. My immune system was close to disease-free again, but it wasn’t strong enough to fight off the flu. It was the first time I had heard of LactoSpore, and I ordered a sample to see if it would give me a positive result. I wasn’t disappointed when my flu disappeared and over the coming weeks I felt my body coping well with anything it came across. After a while I decided to try LactoSpore again and let the immune system just heal itself.

After many years of battling with the immune system it was nice to see the aftermath of my battle with Flu 16’s wrapped up. My immune system had won!

I suffered bouts of illness throughout my pregnancy with my daughter. At the beginning of the third month I had a real bad bout of flu. I was sure this was the end and my daughter would have to go through major surgery and a long, painful recovery. I felt this was the only way to save her life, as the c-section was too risky for her.

When I moved on to LactoSpore I was amazed to see, within 24 hours my red skin had healed and my fever had gone. Within 48 hours I felt better than I had for weeks – my skin had become pale and covered with a fine rash all over. The worst of the symptoms had passed and I was up and about my business again.

A couple of weeks later, I was pregnant again. When I went into labor I experienced an amazing outcome! We were discharged 48 hours later and my daughter was born perfectly healthy.

The doctor who performed the c-section was amazed – he had not seen this sort of recovery in 30 years. If only all medical staff had this positive outlook!

While in maternity I continued to use my normal probiotic intake for the duration of my second pregnancy. I took LactoSpore several times after childbirth and during my subsequent bouts of illness to see if it would show anything new. At first I had no noticeable changes in my immune system, but then one day I was sick. I had a fever and I had to go to bed. One particular diarrhoea that had kicked in in the afternoon and continued throughout the evening.

By dinnertime I was exhausted and feeling as though I was going to vomit. I felt dizzy and hallucinating. I was desperate. I hadn’t eaten since 2:00 that afternoon and could not find anything to eat. I went to bed early, and woke up sick a week later.

I realised my immune system had been triggered by the lack of nutrition from my pregnancy and need to rejuvenate it. LactoSpore had thrown my immune system into overdrive before I could make it strong enough, and my illness had become another indication of how my immune system was healthy and strong.

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Love Life Supplements Lactospore Plus Review:

After years of battling with PMT I used LactoSpore® for three months, and I too had no discomfort.

Afterwards I continued to use LactoSpore® for one more month as a general probiotic on its own. With the exception of one or two episodes of flu, I have not had any of the common colds or flus that I used to get so much.

I now have another daughter who has just turned two, and I use LactoSpore® for her whenever she has a bout of fever or a nasty bug.

I totally recommend this product to anyone, especially if you are concerned about your health, pregnancy, or if you are facing any sort of infection or infection-like condition.

It is estimated that up to 50% of the world’s population suffers from a range of infections that alter the digestive system. It’s estimated that over 70% of illness comes from the gastrointestinal tract. If the digestive system is compromised or if farming practices lead to malnutrition then the gut will become the new battleground against infection and ultimately, disease.

Good digestion will lead to good health.

The above statement may sound like one big bold promise, and it is. But it is also one of the most exciting, promising, true statements in health and nutrition.

LactoSpore®, along with Lactobacillus acidophilus are some of the only strains of Bacillus that are scientifically proven to effectively treat and heal the digestive tract and to positively affect the body’s immune system.

The main composition of any product containing Lactobacillus acidophilus is an amount of S. thermophilus and L. acidophilus of 1:6 to 1:12, and a small amount of B. lactis and B. bifidus.

In most probiotic products containing Lactobacillus acidophilus, there is no mixture of strains. LactoSpore® has been designed to provide the human gut flora with the very best strains available for this very reason. In addition, there is an additional 1:5 ratio of B. bifidus and B. longum strains, thus creating a clinically proven, effective probiotic blend.

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