Revolutionizing SaaS: Celebrating Top East Asian-founded Startups in America

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In an ever-progressing world that champions diversity and representation, a myriad of start-ups, predominantly from the SaaS (Software as a Service) industry, have been making waves on a global level. Founded by individuals from East Asian backgrounds, these start-ups not only diversify the industry and bolster representation, but also provide innovative solutions that drive growth and productivity. This article aims to highlight some of the top East Asian led start-ups in the SaaS industry, shedding light on their ingenuity and potential.

These start-ups are worth watching, as they offer unique and innovative solutions, cater to a broad range of industries, and have been founded by individuals who dare to think outside the box because of their diverse backgrounds. From driving revenue in the advertising industry to ensuring data integrity for cannabis manufacturers, the depth of their reach is as impressive as it is inspirational.

Be it the intensive use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize marketing campaigns, or developing a platform that uses machine learning to drive revenue growth, these start-ups represent the true essence of technology. Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of these promising startups providing groundbreaking solutions in various industry sectors.

Track Revenue

Track Revenue was established by Brian Chiu and Eric Yip in San Francisco, California. They have created an efficient platform to manage voluminous data and transform it into digestible actions that yield results. Their technology leverages the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to help marketers scale faster through automation. Connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Based in San Mateo, California, Intellimize is another top-ranked startup founded by Brian Webb, Guy Yalif, and Jin Lim. The company has an automated system to optimize websites for driving revenue and customer acquisition using machine learning. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Searchlight, located in San Francisco, California, boosts hiring efficiency and effectiveness by offering assessments and analytics. Founded by Anna X. Wang and Kerry Wang, Searchlight connects candidate reference and self-assessment data to post-hire outcomes. Find them on @searchlight_ai, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Stratifyd, founded by Derek Wang, provides an AI-powered analytics platform that converts structured and unstructured human textual data into actionable insights. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Perception Group Inc

Founded by Brett Morris and Regina Chou, the Perception Group Inc is based in Atlanta, Georgia. They use their talent and data science platform to enable sales teams to hire and promote people with the greatest probability of being top performers. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


Moodbit, located in New York, is a startup by Alfredo Jaldin and Miho Shoji. Moodbit delivers real-time analytics to managers on engagement, behavior, interactions, and provides action plans directly to the employees. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Based in Denver, Colorado, Apte, led by Kaitlin Windle, is an insights and analytics SaaS software serving the $2 trillion philanthropic sector. You can connect with Apte on LinkedIn.


Located in Oakland, California, Roshi tracks and manages critical business information in one place, allowing cannabis manufacturers and distributors to make data-driven decisions. You can connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jason Offerman, Kentaro Kawamori, Kim Stroh in Tempe, Arizona, Persefoni is a Climate Management & Accounting Platform (CMAP). The company’s software enables enterprises to meet stakeholder and regulatory climate disclosure requirements. Follow them on @persefoniai and LinkedIn.


Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Metaplane offers data observability products that enable organizations to trust their data. Follow them on @metaplane and LinkedIn.


Founded by Amanda Sabreah, David Choe, Paul Mun in Atlanta, Georgia, Staat is on a mission to make tracking engineering progress easier, faster, and safer. You can connect with them on @staathq and LinkedIn.

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