Sex Bucket Lists: The UK’s BIGGEST fantasies REVEALED

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  • Blindfolded sex is the most desired wish on women’s sex bucket lists, chosen by 35%!
  • Chosen by 36%, men claim bringing in a third party tops their sexual bucket list 
  • Coming in second place for women with 31%, is sex in the jacuzzi! Whilst 30% of men would prefer to do video-call sex 
  • Coming in last place for women is writing a fanfic for our partner, with only 7% of the vote
  • For the very brave; 5% of men would like to experiment with hot wax

This year has been a defining one. It has forced us remember our wants, needs, and desires as well as a time to reconnect with ourselves and our partners. This has led to a lot of people wanting to try new things in and out of the bedroom.

To explore just how kinky and audacious Brits have been this past year, set out to investigate what men and women are eager to try sexually. 2,897 Brits were asked to rank 10 activities that they desperately want to try with their partners!

What women want: 

Sex in a Jacuzzi31%
Sex in an Elevator26%
Sexy Photoshoot20%
Choking 16%
Phone Sex14%
Car Sex12%
Bringing in a Third Party 12%
Sex on Beach 10%
Watching Porn With Partner9%
Using Flavoured Lube8%
Writing FanFic for Partner 7%

In first place is being blindfolded with a blinding 35% of women wishing to try this sex fad. Shutting down one sense intensifies others, so it is no wonder that the idea of being blindfolded elevates the interest of many.

Coming in at number two for women is sex in a jacuzzi with31% of the votes. Interestingly, this was rated highly among men and women, with 5% more women wanting to try this than men. 

In third place for the girls is sex in an elevator with 26% of the votes. 

In last place for women (and not for everyone) is writing a fanfic for their partner at 7% of the votes. 

What men want: 

Bringing in a Third Party 36%
Video Call Sex30%
Sex in a Jacuzzi26%
Sex in a Public Toilet22%
Making a Sex Tape20%
Sex on a Balcony 19%
Watching Porn with Partner17%
Anal Sex14%
Car Sex13%
Couple Toys12%
One Night Stand 9%
Sex with Food 8%
Playing with Hot Wax5%

The survey showed that men’s top desire on their sexual bucket list is bringing in a third party (36%). 

With the use of  Zoom increasing by 2000% over lockdown, it’s no surprise that men cited video call sex as their second most desired sexual venture with 30% of the vote! Just make sure your family are out of the house!

Coming in third place for men, is sex in a jacuzzi, with 26% of the vote. 

Not for the faint hearted – last on the list for men is playing with hot wax, with 5% of the vote! The famous ‘Who is Venice?’  scene from Wolf of Wall Street may have seen a new flamed interest in the activity.

Methodology surveyed 1,445 men and 1,452 women, totalling 2,897 Brits, asking them to divulge their sexual bucket list. They then analysed the data and examined the top 10 activities for women and men. All data was collected on 30/09/20. 

OnBuy credit  YourMoney for information about the Zoom usage increase in 2020.

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