Sustainability on The Move: 3 Best Sustainability Documentaries

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For centuries, those in power used their position to design a world best suited for their personal interests. Thankfully, the work of a few courageous filmmakers has exposed the world’s most cruel and detrimental practices, shaking our complacency. Sustainability is on our minds, and on the big screen as well—read about the best sustainability documentaries that you can get your hands on today!

  1. Earthlings

Where to Watch: Amazon

Animal suffering is a truly complex situation that modern society grapples with. Animal rights activists see the fight as deeply personal, while others prefer a more moderate approach while discussing humans’ complex relationship with animal husbandry. Wherever you stand on the issue, Earthlings assesses the cruel and inhuman practices occurring in factory factoring, which happens to corner the supply for cheap and affordable meat. Earthlings demonstrates that we need to discuss ethical alternatives to food production with the eventual hope that sustainability and reducing the suffering of animals becomes a mainstream ideology.

  1. True Cost

Where to Watch: Netflix

Sustainability measures human activity regarding not only animal and environmental prosperity, but also the treatment of our fellow humans. The fashion industry profits off the work of underpaid and maltreated communities more than any other trade, and until very recently, had successfully escaped scrutiny. True Cost turns the camera towards fashion industry abuses and demonstrates how our addiction to cheaply manufactured and readily available goods encourages the mistreatment of garment workers, as well as the environment. From unsanitary and unsafe working conditions to the pollution of drinking water for millions of disenfranchised communities, True Cost will wake you up from your complicit position as a consumer of unethically-produced goods.

  1. Cowspiracy

Where to Watch: Netflix

Cowspiracy takes a cold, hard look at some uncomfortable truths; namely, it asks the questions, who pays the price for the way we eat? And who are the people attempting to fix it? Filmmaker and passionate environmentalist, Kip Anderson, seeks an audience with the most influential voices in the multi-billion-dollar animal agriculture industry. As Anderson presents mounting evidence that modern practices of animal and land exploitation are slowly destroying our planet, he comes up against criticism from a most unexpected source—the environmentalist agencies who claim to protect our planet. Anderson delves deep into the suspicious affairs between environmentalists and selfish agricultural interest groups.

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