Sustainable Fashion: Why You Should Buy Hemp Clothing

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Sustainable Fashion Why You Should Buy Hemp Clothing

Industrial hemp has a variety of valuable uses, including the production of clothing. From its durability to its eco-friendliness, these are some of the many reason why you should buy hemp clothing.

It’s durable

Hemp clothing is made to last. As one of the strongest and most durable natural textile fibers, it won’t wear out or get holes over time. It also holds its shape, is resistant to stretching out, and won’t weaken when washed. As such, investing in clothing made of hemp will ultimately decrease the amount of clothing you need to buy in the long run.

It’s environmentally friendly

One of the main benefits of hemp clothing is that it’s sustainable. Hemp is an extremely environmentally-friendly crop to produce. The plant uses a fraction of the amount of space and water that cotton needs to grow, and it produces far more fiber. In addition, it doesn’t require any pesticides because it is naturally pest-resistant. Plus, growing hemp actually enriches and purifies the soil by absorbing toxic materials such as mercury, cadmium, and copper. It also prevents erosion because its deep roots hold the earth together.

It’s comfortable

In addition to being durable, hemp clothing is also extremely comfortable. While it doesn’t wear down over time, the material does wear in and become softer the more you wear and wash it. Regardless of the temperature, hemp clothing will keep you comfortable during any season. During the summer, its airy and breathable texture keep you cool, and it’s naturally water- and sweat-absorbent. When the weather gets colder, hemp fibers trap body heat to keep you warm.

It has more vibrant colors

Hemp fibers can be spun into a variety of colors without the need for dye. If dye is added, however, the colors only become richer and brighter. Due to the fabric’s porous nature, it’s also likely to retain its vibrance much longer than other materials such as cotton.

It can protect your skin

Hemp fibers naturally filter UV light, which can help prevent your risk of harmful skin damage. The fabric is also resistant to bacterial growth and mold, which makes it a safer clothing option. Furthermore, as previously stated, growing hemp doesn’t require pesticides, which means that you won’t have to worry about your skin absorbing harmful chemicals when you wear hemp clothing.

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