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The Most Uplifting Books For Cancer Patients

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This article showcases our top picks for the Uplifting Books For Cancer Patients. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

The Healing Power of Humor By Allen Klein

This product was recommended by Allen Klein from AllenKlein

Science has proved, although we knew it all along, that humor is our best medicine. It reduces stress, promotes physical healing, and is essential for our mental health. But how do we learn to lighten up and take the first step toward finding the humorous side to our troubles when what we really feel like doing is crying? The Healing Power of Humor will show you how. Brimming with humorous anecdotes and learn-to-laugh techniques, this best-selling book combines the wisdom of the world’s great spiritual teachers with the insights of famed humorists, comedians, and others to help you turn life’s negatives into positives. It is the ideal book for anyone going through troubled times—whether it’s the loss of a wallet, the loss of a job, or dealing with a cancer diagnosis.

Everything Happens for a Reason By Kate Bowler

This product was recommended by Emily Sharp from NY Art Therapy

This book addresses faith, identity, family, and purpose during the author’s battle with her cancer diagnosis in a heartfelt and humorous way. She speaks about complex emotions and conflicting feelings that are difficult to hold at the same time. The author questions messages of toxic positivity from her past, as she is presently confronted with her own mortality.

Finding Elevation By Lisa Thompson

This product was recommended by Andrea Burnett from ABPR

Defiance had provoked Thompson to enter the male-dominated world of high-altitude mountaineering, but defiance could only take her so far. After a harrowing battle with breast cancer, Lisa realized she needed to understand what motivated her to take greater and greater risks in the mountains. Finding Elevation chronicles Thompson’s path from novice climber to world-class mountaineer, as she becomes the second American woman to summit K2, which is considered by many to be the most dangerous mountain in the world. More than a climbing memoir, Finding Elevation is a deeply personal examination of motivation and the human spirit. It is a story of what can happen when we finally stop letting others define our limits and instead trust that we are capable of more. In this inspiring book, Thompson reaches beyond the mountain to tell a story of heartbreak, resilience, and the discovery that we are responsible for defining our own boundaries, finding our own happiness, and facing our fears head-on.

A Guy’s Guide to Throat Cancer: Do’s and Don’ts for Recovery By Edmund A. Rossman III

This product was recommended by Edmund Rossman from EAR Productions, Inc.

An educational but entertaining book about cancer treatments in the throat area. Over 50,000 cases are diagnosed each year, the majority men, arguably the worst patients in the world. This book incorporates sports analogies and quotes, music lyrics, pop culture references and bible verses to help inspire and comfort both patients and their caregivers.

“Supersize Your Faith: Minimize Your Doubts” by Dr. Elizabeth Jennings

This product was recommended by Elizabeth Jennings from Remember You Matter Coaching

This book is for you if you are ready to learn how to supersize your faith and minimize your self-doubt Through this book, readers will learn a 5-step growth process to apply practical concepts to learn about faith and increase your belief system. Growth is a continual process. Don’t let fear or doubt keep you hostage. You can learn the proper strategy to push yourself forward and grow from any obstacles you face through reading this book.

God -Given Grace: To Stand on Your Own Two Feet by Dr. Elizabeth Jennings

This product was recommended by Elizabeth Jennings from Remember You Matter Coaching

This book takes readers through an Extraordinary Journey that changed the life of one person forever! This book depicts the extraordinary journey of resilience. When life hits you with unexpected and devastating blows, we sometimes feel like we reached our rock bottom. But by God’s grace, He can give you a testimony. Despite setbacks you may experience, by allowing God’s grace to take control, pick you up, and place you on your feet, then you too will be able to stand strong and move forward in your life. This book was written for anyone who has ever had to stand on their own in life. If you have had to deal with adjusting to major life changes, whether it be a change of life status, stepping out on faith, choosing to take a stand, or trying another life path, then this book was meant to serve as a reminder that you are not alone because you have God-Given Grace covering you.

Overcoming Loss: 6 Steps to Rediscovering Yourself and Moving Forward with Life by Dr. Elizabeth Jennings

This product was recommended by Elizabeth Jennings from Remember You Matter Coaching

Do you find yourself struggling with moving forward in life after experiencing a difficult loss in life such as the loss of a loved one, relationship, career, or your own personal identity? Have you found yourself struggling with gaining clarity, direction, and purpose in your life? If so, this book is for you. This book also includes practical strategies, healing guide to wholeness, and action steps to take to give you a real plan to rediscover who you are and how to move forward in your life to live a happy, peaceful, satisfying, and purposeful life.

Everybody’s Got Something by Robin Roberts and Veronica Chambers

This product was recommended by Adam Jacobs from Bubblegum Casting

Robin Roberts discusses her struggle with breast cancer and rare blood disease in this interview. Her autobiography, titled Everybody’s Got Something, is a narrative account of her battle with breast cancer and how she transformed her mess into her lesson to provide others with a source of encouragement and motivation through sharing her experiences.

When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi

This product was recommended by Adam Jacobs from Bubblegum Casting

Have you ever consulted your physician with a question, If you were in my shoes, what would you do? When Breath Becomes Air tells the narrative of a medical professional who must confront his cancer’s complicated diagnostic and treatment options. Paul Kalanithi, a neurosurgeon, working at Stanford University, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer when he was 36. While he was undergoing treatment for cancer and coming to terms with his impending death, he penned this book. In 2015, when Kalanithi was still working on the book, he passed away. The book’s epilogue was written by his wife, Dr. Lucy Kalanithi, MD, FACP, who is also a medical doctor.

All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr

This product was recommended by CJ Xia from Boster Biological Technlogy

The book uncovers the true tragedy of war, which is that it brings bloodshed and injustice to some innocent people. In addition, it perfectly captures the marvel of the human race. Werner and Marie-Laure stay kind toward one another despite being on opposing sides of the conflict. They show us why it’s worth it to work on improving our own character.

Your art will save your life by Beth Pickens

This product was recommended by CJ Xia from Boster Biological Technlogy

On the contrary, this book sets out to be an open letter to the artists. Beth Pickens informs us about art with such enthusiasm and leads us, the readers, down a journey of inspiration, introspection, and new understanding. It stresses the importance of pursuing one’s creative goals despite obstacles. To exist without contributing anything of value to the world is the true folly. The author gives us fantastic advice for all those who have skills to keep up their artistic practice by constantly looking on the bright side.

Imagination Station by Marshal Younger

This product was recommended by Ranee Zhang from Airgram

Imagination Station, written by the team behind Adventures in Odyssey, is a series aimed at young readers (ages 7-12) that promises adventure and mystery. This series is similar to the popular Magic Tree House series, except that it lacks magic and sorcery. There are over nine volumes of excitement.

Differently: An Empowering Approach to Thriving Through Breast Cancer by Patryce Sheppard

This product was recommended by Noah White from Ark Burial Insurance

This book is the story of a wonderful woman and her fight through breast cancer. She is a fantastic business owner now, and helps empower other women through their journeys!

Promise Me, Dad by Joe Biden

This product was recommended by BenjaminO from Stress Reliever Club

The Biden family has been celebrating Thanksgiving on Nantucket for forty years. It has been a hectic, scrutinized, and overscheduled life, They gathered together there on Thanksgiving in November 2014. It was a time to connect, reflect on the previous year, and think about the future. However, this year was different. Joe Biden and his partner Jill’s eldest son, Beau, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor fifteen months prior, so they survived. He asked his father to promise that no matter what happened, he would be okay. His father gave him his word.

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