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Things You Didn’t Know Were Recyclable

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Things You Didn’t Know Were Recyclable

Everyone knows the three Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. We’d all like to do more of these things, but it’s not always easy to tell what’s recyclable and what’s not. When we don’t know if something is recyclable, we usually end up throwing it away. Did you know you can recycle a lot more than cardboard, plastic bottles, and food waste? Learning about the different things you didn’t know were recyclable will help you know what’s safe to recycle so that you can help the planet instead of throwing some of these lesser-known recyclable items in the trash.


At some point, your toothbrush is bound to wear down, break, or get too dirty to use. Instead of throwing it away, toss it in the recycling bin. Different parts of your toothbrush, including the holder and bristles, can be repurposed into new items.

Game Discs

You’ve probably had to deal with a broken or scratched disc at some point in your life. When a disc breaks or becomes too scratched to use, you can recycle it. Discs are made of materials that are commonly used in electronics manufacturing. Not sure how to properly dispose of your discs is? You can check with your city’s recycling office for additional details.

Packing Materials

Some other things you didn’t know were recyclable are packing materials such as bubble wrap and Styrofoam. We’ve all received a package that went a little too heavy on the packing materials. It feels like a waste to throw out all the plastic bubbles, Styrofoam bits, and paper. Why not recycle them instead? Styrofoam can be repurposed into things such as crown molding, picture frames, and park benches, and you can reuse plastic bubbles when you’re shipping your own packages.

Baseboard Heater Covers

If you have baseboard heaters in your house, they might be outfitted with covers. If those covers break, rust, or need updating, you might wonder: Can I recycle it? Regardless of the material from which your baseboard heater covers are made, you can recycle them. Certain companies will take the recycled materials and use them to make new products.

Sports Equipment

If you have sports equipment in your home, you’ll be surprised to learn that a lot of it is recyclable. You can recycle plastic mats, yoga balls, metal weights, and plenty more. If you’re recycling a mat or yoga ball, keep in mind that they’re probably made of PVC, the hardest plastic to recycle. Your local recycling center might accept them, but if not, you can look for a recycling center that specializes in recycling PVC. There are also companies in the sports industry that actively participate in recycling programs. They repurpose the recycled materials into new, eco-friendly products.

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