Tips for First-Time Electric Vehicle Owners

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Tips for First-Time Electric Vehicle Owners

For many people, sustainability is an important aspect of life. While some choose to live sustainably by recycling, composting, and reducing energy usage, others eliminate their gasoline-powered vehicles and opt for fully electric models. This has caused a new market for hybrid and electric vehicles that’s gaining popularity today. If you’re interested in making this switch, here are some tips for first-time electric vehicle owners to consider.

Do Your Research

With the number of electric vehicles hitting the market today, you’ll need to do your research as to which best suits your lifestyle. For some people, sticking with a brand means more than the quality of the car. Tesla is the biggest name that comes to mind, as it gives some clout to your purchase. However, there’s nothing wrong with choosing an automaker dabbling in the electric market. Ford, Nissan, Chevy, and Honda all have completely electric vehicles in their arsenal. There are even fully electric pickup trucks, like Rivian, emerging for every type of driver.

Prepare Your Garage for an Electric Charging Port

Perhaps the most essential part of owning an electric vehicle is finding a place to charge it. While charging stations now often have a place at gas stations alongside traditional pumps, it doesn’t hurt to add a garage charging station to your house—but you’ll need to know how to install one. Preparing your garage for an electric charging station is simple. Determine where you’ll park the vehicle, set the right climate (as extreme temperatures can damage your charging station), and then find an open outlet. Then, your charging station will be ready for your new electric vehicle. As with electronics, charge your car overnight so that it’s ready for use by the following morning. Otherwise, charge your car when needed.

Consider a Hybrid as an Alternative

Jumping straight to a completely electric vehicle might intimidate some people or might be too confusing of a transition from traditional gas-powered vehicles. For these folks, consider a hybrid instead. Hybrids are also great vehicles that are more sustainable than completely gas-powered vehicles. A hybrid may suit your lifestyle better than a fully electric car. There are many hybrid vehicle options from which to choose. Conventional hybrids utilize a combination of gasoline engines with electric motors. Plug-in hybrids incorporate the electric motor into the powertrain. Conventional hybrids are still fueled with gasoline, whereas plug-in hybrids use large batteries that can power the vehicle without burning fuel. Determine which type suits your needs best and choose accordingly.

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