Women in Men’s Jobs: The Share is Finally Rising!

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Women in men's jobs: The share is finally rising!

Even though it is still a slow development in terms of the proportion of women in men’s jobs, we can finally see an increase. Research shows that in 80 out of 105 so-called men’s jobs studied, the proportion of female young people has now increased within the last 12 years. These men’s jobs include, above all, the 25 most highly occupied men’s jobs.

Male jobs are those occupations where the proportion of men is over 80 percent. Typically, these are occupations in the construction, metal and electrical sectors. But things are finally changing on the management floors, too, because there are now also more and more female supervisors. This is also becoming apparent in startups, where the proportion of startups founded by women is also increasing.

But even in professions like that of the croupier, which for a long period of time was dominated exclusively by men, changes are now becoming apparent. If you take a look at Vienne Garcia’s Roobet Casino Review, you can see that female croupiers are also in demand at this crypto casino. For example, online casino gives opportunity to work as men, as women on the Internet and does not discriminate anybody. As a woman, you can of course also work as a developer of casino games or different applications.

More and more male professions are (finally) being conquered by women

Finally, women’s protests about equal rights in business are having an impact. Studies show that more and more women are being hired in professions once dominated by men. However, gender equality still has a tough road ahead.

In the public debate, the issue of gender equality is in the spotlight as never before. The fact is that women have undeniably suffered true discrimination in a variety of fields. However, womankind is more and more successfully fighting back against these injustices.

Now it is finally becoming apparent that these protest movements by women are also crowned with success. This is shown by a worldwide LinkedIn study. It shows that more and more women are finding their place in typical male jobs.

The STEM sector will soon be dominated by women

In the past, women were virtually unrepresented in fields that predominantly revolved around mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology. But within the last 40 years, there have been clear signs of a positive change, as more and more women are starting out in STEM fields.

This positive increase should not be celebrated too much, however, because the fact that a significant increase can be recorded nevertheless reveals that the proportion of women in this STEM field is still too low. So more persistent work is needed here to significantly improve this deplorable state of affairs for women in the future.

While other fields are still struggling, it should not go unmentioned that the field of architecture in particular should be highlighted as a particularly positive one. If the proportion of female architects was just 25 percent not so long ago, this figure has now risen to a pleasing 50 percent.

There is hardly any other area in which the ratio between men and women is as balanced as it is here.

However, this may also be due to the fact that there are simply professional branches that apparently do not seem attractive enough to women. This is evident in software development, for example. There has been little change here, with the number of women hired stagnating at 20 percent. The number of female data analysts has even dropped by 10 percent.

The rise in female participation in the IT and software industry

Overall, the proportion of women in the IT and software industry has now risen by 25 percent. Nevertheless, this was progress that is simply still too small. Nevertheless, one can also clearly see that more and more women are making their presence felt in men’s jobs. This applies, for example, to occupational fields such as construction and agriculture.

Thanks to the long and persistent struggle of women, we can finally also look forward to a positive trend at management levels. A new wind is finally blowing in the executive suites of this world. In the last eight years, we have finally seen a growth in the number of women in management positions.

A look at five industries

In the area of software & IT services, an increase of 27 percent was recorded. Production follows with 26 percent and there was also an increase of 24 percent in the area of entertainment. An increase of women of 23 percent was recorded in the area of hardware & networking. There was a 21 percent increase in women in public safety.

Overall, an increase of 22.6 percent can be seen in management positions. A look at the different industries shows the distribution. In healthcare, this percentage is 36.5 percent, closely followed by retail and publishing. Unfortunately, the number of female executives in the mechanical engineering sector is still significantly underrepresented at just 10.8 percent, as is the construction industry at only 11.1 percent and the energy supply sector at 11.8 percent.

The schools are part of the development

This overall positive development is also due, among other things, to the work done at schools, which now focus on gender-specific career guidance. The aim is to show girls as early as possible what career options are available to them. This applies especially to occupational fields that are primarily dominated by men. In Germany, for example, the Girls’ Day is intended to give girls an insight into the various occupational fields.

The success of the project certainly proves it right, as many girls are very positive about their experiences in the various companies. Before taking part in Girls Day, only 42 percent of the girls in Germany could imagine perhaps working in a male-dominated profession one day. This has now changed significantly, as more than half of the girls can now imagine working in a male job later on.

In this way, girls are programmed very early on that the world, and of course the world of work, is absolutely open to them. This also increases their self-image and the demand to take up such a profession. In contrast to earlier times, when fear of contact was responsible for many girls and young women not even considering taking the step in this direction for themselves, the upcoming generation will deal with this situation completely differently.

As a result, attitudes within society will once again change significantly, and it can be assumed that one day this tiresome discussion about men’s jobs will no longer be relevant at all, as a completely different self-image will emerge here.

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