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10 Drinks You Cannot Miss This Summer

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Drinks are hands-down the best way to beat the heat. So get your shorts out and enjoy a glass of your favorite drink with your family & friends. Not sure which ones to pick for this Summer? Here we have compiled a list of some of the most amazing drinks for the summer season. So stay indoors, pick some amazing drinks from this list, and cheers!

1. Lemon Barley Water

This non-alcoholic, refreshing summer drink is a favorite in Australia. Made with slowly simmering barley, lemon juice, honey & sugar, the lemon barley water is a summer tradition as far as soft drinks go. Enjoy a glass with ice, chilled or lemon slices, and beat the heat.

2. Root Beer

This American soda was traditionally considered a medicine. Over time it has become one of Uncle Sam’s most iconic drinks. This slightly acidic beverage has pleased many a parched mouth with its faint medicinal flavor. It’s undoubtedly worth trying if you manage to get your hands on one.

3. Boba/Bubble Tea

This Taiwanese concoction has taken the world by storm. It is a milk-based drink flavored with tea and various ingredients. However, the most interesting part of the drink is the ‘Bubbles”, made with tapioca pearls. This almost other-worldly drink offering both taste and texture makes it so attractive to our palates.

4. Aam Panna

This mango drink is a household delicacy in the Indian subcontinent. It’s made with mango purée and spices like cumin and mint. This blend of sweet and savory is a unique and lively experience. Drink it chilled, and you have a treat for the ages.

5. Ginger Beer

This drink needs no introductions. This beloved Australian staple can only be experienced. Its multi-layered zing always takes us down memory lane to simpler, more carefree times. While the Bundaberg brand is the most iconic of ginger beers, the market offers a wide range of options in recent years that are equally good.

6. The Jägerbomb

This amusing drink has grown to be loved by many generations of Australians. It consists of spiced alcohol that is dipped into an energy drink. These kinds of bomb mixed drinks, as they are called, have grown in popularity in the past decade, especially with the younger demographic.

7. Espresso Martini

This cocktail is sure to make you lose sleep. Literally! It is made with part espresso and part vodka. So rest assured that you will not miss a single moment of a fun day with a serving of this drink down. While this drink has been causing insomnia worldwide for a while, it’s a newfound Australian fancy.

8. Gin

A good glass of gin is enjoyable on any day of the year. Its smoothness and subtle flavors ensure your buds are satisfied. The quintessential Archie Rose gin with some chilled tonic water on a scorching day is what the Australian Summer is all about. So make yourself a glass of gin with some amazing tonic water Australia!

9. Goon

It is considered a lesser-known kind of white wine native to southern Australia. It is easy on the wallet while also offering the sophisticated experience other wines do. It is also associated with the witty ‘Goon of Fortune’ drinking game. Drink it chilled neat or with fruit juice to cool off after a long day.

10. Coca-Cola

Ok, hear me out! This soft drink is the most versatile on the market. The things you can do with it are an unending list. It is for one a drink that a family, kids and all, can enjoy. It can be used in all kinds of cocktails for the grown-ups, ranging from the Cuba libre to the Bourbon Cherry Cake. With the brand offering diet and sugar-free versions of the drink, this is a true all-rounder.

Parting Thought

Whether spending a day with your family & friends or hosting a party at your summer house, be ready to quench your thirst with these amazing cool & refreshing drinks. This list will not only help you to be prepared with all the best options available for drinks this Summer but will also help you impress your family, friends, and even your boss!

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