19 Sustainable Luxury Brands

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Luxury items are what you acquire once you are ready to show off your success to the world. You want them to know just how great you are doing so they look at your success just by looking at what you have and what you are wearing. Nothing wrong with that.

Now, as with any commodity items, the process of manufacturing them en-masse is one that produces waste that will have to be properly dealt with for the good of our environment. And the luxury item industry does not particularly have a good track record on sustainability. But all that can change and you can be part of such change by supporting these sustainable luxury brands where the opulence is the same but with much more purpose. Check them out.

#1 Hania New York

The HANIA New York travel product recommended by Amanda Yodice on Pretty Progressive.

HANIA New York is a luxury knitwear company knit by hand by craftswomen in New York City. Dedicated to quality, craftsmanship and sustainability, HANIA NY collections are created using Scottish and Italian cashmeres that are ethically-sourced and sustainably-produced.

Did you know cashmere is biodegradable? As shoppers begin to bid adieu to fast fashion (a recent poll showed that roughly half of consumers would consider paying more for sustainable products) now is the time to educate your readers about the benefits of ethically-sourced, handcrafted clothing.


#2 Biossance

The Biossance travel product recommended by Kaelie Kelleher on Pretty Progressive.

Biossance is a clean beauty brand that uses biotechnology to create skincare products that are effective, sustainable and safe. They formulate with a No Compromise(r) approach-proudly blacklisting over 2,000 ingredients. An ingredient makes the blacklist if it has potential to harm our bodies or the environment.


#3 Maddalena Bearzi

The Maddalena Bearzi travel product recommended by Maddalena Bearzi on Pretty Progressive.

Eponymous brand Maddalena Bearzi with its one of a kind, sustainable and handmade jewelry pieces inspired by the designer’s work in nature. Our jewelry is sold in art galleries and shops in the US and elsewhere, and in our online shop. This jewelry has been featured in Designboom, Dornob, Gioiellis, Creative Boom and many others national and international magazines.


#4 Nudestix

The Nudestix travel product recommended by Megan Glover on Pretty Progressive.

Nudestix is an award-winning cruelty-free, vegan, preservative and paraben-free makeup brand that offers affordable multi-use makeup products. The Nudestix mission is to provide vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly makeup products that accentuates natural beauty.


#5 Yaya & Co.

The YaYa & Co. travel product recommended by Faith Borland on Pretty Progressive.

YaYa & Co. is a luxury brand with a boho vibe featuring goods that are organic, natural, handmade, recycled, and upcycled. It was born to bring beautiful, heirloom-quality pieces that preserve the integrity of those who create them.

Each piece represents a life story: sometimes a person, sometimes a family, often a tradition that is as much a part of the creator as the hands that make it. All of the goods bring love and light to both their end user and their creator. Each piece is a continuation of a tradition fighting for survival. It is pure passion.


#6 Omigo

The Omigo travel product recommended by Lee Kennedy on Pretty Progressive.

Omigo is a luxury toilet seat replacement. It includes bidet functions like customizable wash settings and an air dryer, as well as comfort settings like a heated seat, remote control, deodorizer, and soft close lid. Because of the wash and dry functions, you can eliminate toilet paper altogether, reducing your paper consumption and trash output, making your home more sustainable!


#7 Mindful One

The Mindful One travel product recommended by Kelly Frazier on Pretty Progressive.

Mindful One, the latest in sustainable luxury to come out of Los Angeles was founded by Designer and Actress Kelly Frazier. Her debut sustainable 7-piece collection for women, Hot Holidays, is inspired by rock icons and romantic silhouettes.

My core inspiration for designing comes from the intersection of my exposure to 90s high fashion magazines and my French fashion paper dolls I had as a girl, says the Mindful One Founder. The Hot Holidays Collection is seasonless, designed with sustainable and vintage fabrics, and a zero-waste production model. Each piece is handmade to order, and upcycled accessories like vintage lace gloves and unisex bow ties were designed to close the loop on waste. Sustainability is Queen.


#8 Sea Bags

The Sea Bags travel product recommended by Kristan Vermeulen on Pretty Progressive.

We handcraft totes and accessories out of recycled sail cloth material and so far we have saved over 700 tons from going in the landfill. We offer a variety of products with different shapes and sizes and designs that leave our customers in awe. Our top sellers include our Signature Anchor, Cheabeague Travel Line & our Sea Glass collection.


#9 Sub & Tarctic – New Zealand Skin

The Sub & Tarctic - New Zealand Skin travel product recommended by Kimberley Bray on Pretty Progressive.

Sub & Tarctic Skin Therapy restores skin health and beauty. Built from more than 15 years of medical research, the system has been designed with world leading experts to bring you patented clinically proven products that protect against pollution, UV damage and promote firmness and elasticity of skin.


#10 NYR Organic

The NYR Organic travel product recommended by Gina Badalaty on Pretty Progressive.

NYR Organic is one of the cleanest skin, bath, beauty and aromatherapy brands I’ve found. NYR Organic has started a project to help prevent frankincense from becoming endangered. Called Project Frankincense, it is a comprehensive plan to propagate, cultivate and care for a sustainable supply for high quality certified organic frankincense. We aim to safeguard the future of these special trees by planting 5,000 seedlings every year for the next 10 years.


#11 Cūrata Sustainable Luxury

The Cūrata Sustainable Luxury travel product recommended by Serena Rogers on Pretty Progressive.

Decadent daily rituals punctuated with sensually soft skin and irresistibly delicious scents, Cūrata energizes every moment with natural elegance—ethically. The women in our lives deserve to experience Cūrata Sustainable Luxury — a unique harmony of pure botanical perfumery and body care. Our products are addictive and sensual, made with ingredients that are pure goodness: natural, biodegradable, certified non-toxic and cruelty-free.


#12 Square Flower

The Square Flower travel product recommended by Ben Franklin on Pretty Progressive.

Square Flower is an Organic, Fair Trade luxury bedding brand with a unique supply chain ensuring the cotton used in your sheets can be traced back to the small-holding farms it was grown on.

Why is this important? Less than 1% of the world’s cotton is organic, yet conventional cotton is second only to oil as a cause of pollution. Square Flower’s organic cotton uses no harmful chemicals from seed to your bed. Speaking of which, it’s organic cotton is vegan, naturally hypoallergenic, and super, super soft, so you get something outstanding every bedtime!

Fair trade means fair wages are paid to factory workers (typically women) and farmers. It ensures good working conditions and no gender, faith or race discrimination in the entire supply chain.


#13 Nim-Véda Australia

The Nim-Véda Australia travel product recommended by Mituri PradipSharma on Pretty Progressive.

Nim-Véda Australia is a Council declared Blue Mountains sustainable organisation and are a preferred supplier for Health Cooperatives in Australia as well as distributed internationally in Singapore, Germany, Japan, Korea and India.


#14 Carole Shashona Cannabis

The Carole Shashona Cannabis travel product recommended by Zoe Wilder on Pretty Progressive.

The Carole Shashona Cannabis Collection is available at barneys.com and select Barneys stores including Barneys’ new cannabis lifestyle shop The High End. The collection features marijuana healing leaves, Feuille de Guérison, set with black diamonds in silver and the Éclaircir, a necklace of elegant matchsticks dipped in diamonds beset with an all-diamond cannabis leaf — a portion of all proceeds go to cancer charities.

This new line was created as a statement on the healing powers of cannabis with a nod to the changing attitude in society as the once stigmatized herb has become a symbol of positivity and healing.


#15 Johnny Concert

The Johnny Concert travel product recommended by Joanna Gatto on Pretty Progressive.

Johnny Concert is a non-toxic, vegan and cruelty-free cosmetic brand known for their unapologetic bright colors minus the harmful ingredients, animal suffering, and environmental destruction.

Recently, we’ve re-branded our best-selling Amplified Eyeshadow into eco-friendly magnetic packaging to incorporate into our new recycling program; we have also expanded our line of Biodegradable glitter gels – as we are making strides towards becoming even more environmentally conscious and aware of our impact on our planet.

Luxury to us means creating products with high-quality certified organic and natural ingredients in well-crafted, sustainable packaging. As always, please never hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or if you would like to learn more about our heartfelt mission to save and transform lives.


#16 Zignum Mezcal

The Zignum Mezcal travel product recommended by Natasha Jaramillo on Pretty Progressive.

A name with Zapoteca roots, Zignum means The Tip of the Spear. Rooted in Oaxaca, Zignum is one of the leading mezcals in Mexico and Mexican duty free as well as the most awarded mezcal in the world, often noted for being smooth, exquisite and easy-to-drink. Zignum ages its Reposado in medium charred white oak, and its Añejo in a combination of medium charred French and American oak. Zignum Joven, Reposado, and Añejo can be enjoyed neat (traditionally with a slice of orange sprinkled with sal de gusano) or in cocktails.


#17 Diefendorff Watches

The Diefendorff Watches travel product recommended by Chelsea Pascoe on Pretty Progressive.

Diefendorff Watches have introduced their first product range, The Cornelius Collection, to the market. The founder James Reeves previously consulted with companies on social responsibility and sustainability, so when starting his own company he aimed to practice what he preached.

Diefendorff has a 10% give back to charity commitment and they are a carbon neutral watch company. In an effort to reduce the use of harmful chemicals, the leather straps are made in the USA and are created using vegetable dyeing techniques.


#18 Futura Jewelry

The Futura Jewelry travel product recommended by Kaméa Chayne on Pretty Progressive.

Most of the world’s gold is produced by emitting toxic chemicals such as mercury and cyanide, leading to the United Nations calling it a worldwide crisis. Futura Jewelry is on a mission to improve the industry’s ethical and environmental standards using only certified Fairmined Ecological Gold on its legendary, classic designs.


#19 Adélie®️

The ADÉLIE®️ travel product recommended by Jessy Furniel on Pretty Progressive.

The new Latina-owned opulent organic skincare brand empowering women with a social impact by directly sourcing their ingredients beyond common practice.. From family owned small farmers to Women Co-Ops in South Africa— with manufacturers that empower economic independence and fair wages for these communities. They care for women’s wellness, products quality, environmental impact, and transparency because what they do is personal.


The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

Who contributed to this article?

Amanda Yodice from Rubenstein Public Relations Inc

Kaelie Kelleher from BOLD PR

Maddalena Bearzi from Maddalena Bearzi One of A Kind Organic Jewelry

Megan Glover from Nudestix

Faith Borland from YaYa & Co.

Lee Kennedy from Omigo

Kelly Frazier from Mindful One

Kristan Vermeulen from Sea Bags, LLC

Kimberley Bray from Sub & Tarctic

Gina Badalaty from NYR Organic

Serena Rogers from Cūrata Sustainable Luxury

Ben Franklin from Square Flower

Mituri PradipSharma from Nim-Véda Australia

Zoe Wilder from ZoeWilder

Joanna Gatto from Johnny Concert

Natasha Jaramillo from Deussen Global Communications

Chelsea Pascoe from Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC

Kaméa Chayne from Green Dreamer LLC

Jessy Furniel from Adélie®️ skincare

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