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4 Methods for Designing a Modern Office Space

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4 Methods for Designing a Modern Office Space

The dull and gray cubicles were once an office staple. However, the uniform structure and lack of space are no longer designs that employers adore.

As companies grow and prioritize a positive work environment, they’re also searching for design upgrades. Warm colors, comfortable furniture, and a place to take a break after a stressful phone call are just what employees need.

If your building makes workers feel unmotivated and fatigued, try these methods for designing a modern office space to boost morale!

Prioritize Versatility

While cramped cubicles stuffed into an expansive room were once the norm, businesses now want to focus on openness and flexibility.

Establish a variety of spaces for people to work out of. The average desk and a comfortable chair are fundamental resources that will work for many employees. However, it’s great to have other options to maximize productivity.

Standing desks are incredibly beneficial for people’s physical and mental health. While getting work done, they can improve posture and increase work satisfaction. You might even consider adding a walking pad so that employees can get a short workout during the day!

Don’t forget to add spaces for collaboration! Comfortable seating, tables with charging outlets, and a great environment to discuss projects together are just what the office needs. Employees can enjoy fresh conversations and brainstorm creative ideas to benefit the company.

Create Textured Feature Walls

Many offices focus on painting the walls the perfect color to motivate workers. However, wall colors aren’t the only aspects to consider.

Plain-painted walls can become monotonous, and industrial spaces are more likely to negatively impact employees’ moods. Incorporate textured feature walls throughout the office.

Natural elements can make people feel closer to the outside world. Consider features like horizontal wood boards, gray stones, white bricks, and geometric wood designs. The unique innovation can make employees feel more comfortable and positive at work.

Comfortable Spaces for Breaks

Everyone needs to take a minute to unwind during the workday. Awkwardly designed break rooms with white walls and painful chairs won’t allow employees to relax.

Add a relaxing paint color like lilac, sage green, or light blue. Then, focus on adding comfortable furniture in the break room. Padded lounge chairs will make workers feel cozy! For 15 minutes, they can rejuvenate the body and mind until it’s time to return to their desks again.

The Beauty of Greenery

While you can try to replicate the outdoors through paint colors and textured walls, there’s nothing more soothing than adding plants throughout the office.

Say goodbye to the stuffy office air that makes people’s throats feel sore and dries their skin. Plants can revive the mind and body by purifying the air! Not to mention, plants are incredible for reducing stress and anxiety while boosting energy.

The goal is to ensure that employees are content and productive. By incorporating these design methods for a modern office space, you’re sure to witness the wonderful effects on your employees’ mental health and their eagerness to work.

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