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Are Women As Successful In Gambling As Men?

Nowadays, a casino is considered an entertainment more suitable for men than women. The movies and social media culture show us pictures of men in suits making bets on roulette. That is why many people live with the thought that men are better gamblers than women. But it has nothing in common with reality, as women can play casinos like men.

Is There Any Difference Between Male and Female Gambling?

Let’s take the “Does gender moderate associations among impulsivity and health risk behaviours?” research as the basis of our further discussion. The author compares the gambling patterns of men and women and proves that women can play Zodiac Casino as successfully as men.

The first important part of the research we should consider is that men in the USA gamble more frequently and, accordingly, get bigger wins and higher losses. We should understand that gambling is very popular among American residents. Research shows that 91% of college men and 84% of women have experience in gambling.

The second important part of the research is an analysis of gambling addiction. The research claims that 4.2% of all men participating in gambling show signs of addiction, while the percentage of addicted women is lower and shows that 2.9% of women are addicted to gambling.

Men are more tend to take risks and are more inclined to gamble. But generally, there is no other difference between women’s and men’s gambling.

Who Wins More Often?

Various resources claim that man gamble more often than women and risk more money. As a result, men win more often than women. But this fact is not connected with the ability to play. Both men and women have equal chances of playing slot machines because they are based on the randomizer. Of course, things become different when it comes to the games like poker that require strategies and bluffing. The men also don’t have the superiority here. In mind games, the only crucial factor that can lead to winning is the experience and luck of the player. Both men and women can win if they know the rules and good strategies.

That is why you should not have doubts about whether to play casino or not. You can win without depending on your gender. That is why you should not hesitate if you want to take chances. But it is better to know some crucial rules and basics of playing casinos if you are new to gambling.

How to Win in an Online Casino?

Several tricks will increase your chances of winning. Of course, there is no guarantee that you will win by following the tips because all casino winnings are random. However, you can listen to some helpful advice before starting playing:

  • The practice goes first: all gamblers should know how to play the game before betting the real money. Not knowing the rules of the game can be risky. It is better to try the demo version of the game first. The demo version will allow you to understand how the slot works and whether you like it in particular.
  • Read the conditions and terms: you should know about the payouts of the slot before starting to play. You can lose lots of money if the payout cycle is long. You can win faster with a short cycle, but the number of winnings can be much smaller.
  • Pay attention to the RTP: a slot machine with a high RTP (possible percentage value of sums returned to players) guarantees the great possibility of winning.
  • Don’t miss bonus games: there are lots of bonus games at the casinos. Bonus games can double your winnings — or carry more risk than income. That is why it is better to learn the conditions and rules of the game before starting to play.
  • Pay attention to the number of play lines: each slot has the play lines along which winning combinations can be formed. There are two types of slots that are the most profitable. The first has 9-25 lines with large multipliers. The second — 243 lines and a big win are formed due to many multipliers that fall out simultaneously.
  • Quit playing after the big winning: you should better switch to another lot machine if you have increased your starting amount of money significantly. Otherwise, you will likely start losing. It is better to find the other slot you like.
  • Know when to stop: it is best to bet a small amount of money daily. This way, you will be able to ensure a stable income, even with unsuccessful attempts. Also, you should not forget to change slots, as it will increase your chance of winning.

Now, when you know the basic criteria to choose the slots, you can start playing without fear. You should also remember that you win and play as successfully as male members.


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