Art Projects To Help Adolescents With Anxiety

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Art Projects To Help Adolescents With Anxiety

People partake in many activities daily that help them feel better, whether that’s sports, cooking, or gardening. For children and adolescents, anxiety is a weight that prevents them from doing what they want, and having a way to relieve those feelings of stress and worry would improve their livelihood. Luckily, there are techniques to help adolescents overcome these feelings. Kids can use art to help with anxiety, and there are different projects to choose from to channel these feelings.

Canvas Painting

Painting is an excellent conduit for your emotions. The calming flow of the paintbrush across the canvas and the many colors that start to blend will help children feel at ease.

Color therapy invokes emotions and eventually helps people work through them. Their art will open up the neurological pathways to encourage them to have more creative ideas.

Mosaic Art

Mosaic designs are an exciting art project to help adolescents with anxiety. Constructing mosaic art is calming since it requires a solid focus and coordination. Children will have to take their time and slow their thoughts as they go through the pieces and try to glue them into place carefully.

The finished art will make a great decoration on a windowsill and create beams of colorful light. These lights will make for an entertaining feature and uplift kids’ spirits.


Needlepoint work is an excellent balance between precision and artistic freedom. People may use a template or an open canvas to make their artwork.

With a template, you have a mixture of following structured applications and remaining within the borders of the template while also having the chance to use any colors you choose. This is because there is no particular order to the threading. Needlepoint is a great art project to help adolescents with anxiety due to the rhythmic movements of repeatedly threading the needle and the creative energy you place into every stitch. Starting needlepoint will take some guidance, but kids will find many benefits once they get into it.

Music Practice

Music has a way of bringing out the rawest emotions within us and awakening ideas. And thankfully, there is a large variety of songs with soothing tones that will help children with their anxiety.

Playing music gets the mind into a rhythmic mood that will take it off of the anxious thoughts. The constant motion of fingers or arms while focusing on the notes helps slow down any fast-paced thoughts and reframe the mind into something more constructive.

Numerous forms of art will help children with their anxiety and allow them to gain constructive skills to battle it in the future. These art projects are fun and relaxing, and kids will find at least one that will make them feel a little better. Whether it’s playing a musical instrument or taking up needlepoint, they can find something they’ll enjoy that will help them feel calm.

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