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Here at pretty progressive we are actively making society aware of the problems us feminists face every day. Below is our contribution to the effort by highlighting obstacles and achievements in tackling women's rights. Feminism is a central ethical idea, the same as utilitarianism and thus should be seen and given the same awareness and press. Therefore, in this section we at pretty progressive will be giving the stage to anything feminist that abides by our intrinsic values.
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Best Female Footballers In The World

The struggle­ for civil and political rights among women is intricately woven into the­ rich tapestry of women’s football history. The sport face­d societal and moral opposition, resulting in its prohibition across numerous nations.  De­spite years of tenacious pe­rseverance against various challe­nges
July 27, 2023

Exploring the Depths of Polyamory: Am I Polyamorous?

Key Takeaways: Introduction Polyamory, a term gaining increasing recognition, refers to the practice of having multiple consensual and ethical romantic or sexual relationships simultaneously. As society evolves and explores alternative relationship styles, many individuals find themselves questioning their own desires and preferences.
July 3, 2023
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Transnational Feminism: Breaking Borders, Building Solidarity

Key Takeaways: – Transnational feminism examines the intersections of nationality, race, gender, and class within the context of imperialism and colonialism. – It challenges the limitations of Western feminism by recognizing the unique experiences and struggles of women of color and marginalized
July 2, 2023
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Understanding Light Skin Privilege in Latinx Communities

Key Takeaways: – Light-skinned Latinas and Latinos often experience privileges and advantages in various aspects of life due to colorism and the cultural preference for whiteness. – These privileges include higher earnings, lower unemployment rates, access to better resources and neighborhoods, and
July 2, 2023
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Afrosexology: Empowering Black Sexual Liberation and Education

Key Takeaways: – Afrosexology is a platform that offers comprehensive pleasure-based education for Black individuals. – The movement focuses on topics such as self-love, communication in relationships, masturbation, oral sex, radical twerking, and body agency. – Afrosexology provides online content, community discussions,
July 2, 2023