Ethical Product Review: Eco by Naty Unscented Flushable Wipes – Pack of 42

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Eco-friendly flushable baby wipes from Eco by Naty containing natural aloe vera making them gentle against your baby’s sensitive skin. The extra thick wipes are made of harvested unbleached wood pulp and moistened with purified water, completely free from chlorine, alcohol, parabens, silicone and phenoxyrthanol while also being biodegradable and approved with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. These wipes are perfect for potty training, you can teach your children the importance of using eco-friendly products at the same time. Pack contains 42 wipes.

Eco by Naty Unscented Flushable Wipes Review:

Being a breech baby, my youngest daughter has been using the Naty Unscented Wipes since she was about 6 months old. My daughter is now 23 months old and I have been very happy with these baby wipes. She had sensitive skin very soon after birth and Naty Unscented Flushable Baby Wipes have been gentle with her skin most of the time. After using these wipes for almost two years I am convinced that the natural material does not cause any bad effect to her skin. 

She wears light clothing most of the time and as result the wipes may show up in her top. However the wipes are completely dry and fall off if you shake them. I think the wipes are strong enough to withstand a gentle shake and can be easily dropped from her hands without getting torn. I did not find any bad effect on my daughter’s skin nor did I have any complaints on rashes or other common skin problems after using these wipes. They are very gentle for my daughter’s skin. I have used different types of wipes myself and I am very much satisfied with Naty Baby Wipes. 

They are not very thick as some people think they will be, but the dryness of the wipe is optimum. So, the baby would need to use two or three wipes per session, which is actually healthy for her. These are the best baby wipes we have used. I have used various brands of baby wipes but when it comes to the wipes which are dried properly, Naty Unscented Flushable Baby Wipes stand out best. I do not find any need to use different wipes for nappy changing and the visit to the toilet. To use these wipes for toilet cleaning I simply remove the pad and the wipes clean nicely. They do a decent job even without wet wipes. They do not leave any mess behind and are flushed down without any issues. I have been pushing my tips for these wipes on my friends, particularly for their baby even when they use wet wipes. I always use my smartphone camera and so far I have been very happy with the results. 

I love the fact that these wipes can be flushed down after use. It is a great advantage for us as well, we are never worried about product waste. My brother-in-law who is a medical student and his wife use these wipes and they feel very happy with them too. Eco products are much cheaper than most brands and they really cost a penny a piece. For a 23-month old, and my nephew who is now four they are great for bottoms of their feet. I use them for cleaning up the face, hands and any other part of the body which are easily accessible to a baby. I recommend this brand for all babies and small children. The wipes are very strong and durable and they can be reused on children both at home and when we go out on visits to our friends’ house to play with their little ones. I am sure you will be satisfied with these natural wipes for your child.

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Naty Baby Wipes Review:

I have been using the Naty Wipes for my two-year old daughter and they are excellent. They are completely dry and do not leave any stickiness on the skin of my daughter. They are biodegradable and are very well designed to be flushed down into the toilet. I am using the same pack of these wipes for the last six months and the wipes are as satisfactory as on the day when I first used the wipes. I write this review after using the same pack for such a long time, and this proves that the pack is really durable. I use them at home for my child, and they are great for nappy changing and cleaning up any digestive problem of our child. You can see thousands of wipes for nappy changing and cleaning up mess from your child at home. And, when you need to deal with a messy diaper, a child with bodily emissions, or any other messy occurences we really need a good wipe to wipe up the mess. When these wipes come out with the first press of the button on toilet you know that they do not need any extra pressure, and they deal with the mess efficiently. If I talk about the performance of these wipes, here are two essential points that I would like to mention:

You need not to use any lot of pressure to use these wipes, which is a great advantage for me. I do not have to worry about cuts or scratches to my daughter if I use too much pressure while using the wipes.

The wipes are absolutely dry, and they do not leave any sticky residue. The wipes are dry so they do not cause any irritation to the sensitive skin of my daughter.

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