Ethical Product Review: Propolis Toothpaste Review

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  •  A 100% natural toothpaste with Fennel flavour
  •  Ideal for sensitive teeth and gums, and suitable for all the family 
  • Fluoride-free and SLS-free
  • Suitable for people with bleeding gums 
  • Effective antibacterial action 
  • Mint-free formulation, ideal for users of homoeopathy
  • 86% certified organic ingredients 

Propolis Toothpaste Review:

From the beginning, I have never set out to review or recommend specific products. That is why I wanted to tell you exactly what I believe is of good quality but also why the product did not score well in my ratings. I would find it very easy to re-rate Propolis toothpaste if you or an emergency dentist required a dental review of the product.

I have been aware of the dental health benefits of propolis and pure propolis for years, and began applying it to my teeth in February 2010.

Propolis is commonly used as a natural medicine to treat gastroenteral problems, respiratory tract problems, acne, mouth ulcers, wounds and gum problems.

I have been twice to the dentist in the last two years, and the dentist was happy for me to purchase toothpaste with propolis at my nearest pharmacy, as they are aware of the dental problems I have.

I could read links on the internet to prove that this toothpaste helps with gum and tooth problems. In fact, propolis was used in Ancient Greece and Rome. Roman farmers could not afford cavities so instead used propolis to prevent decay and gum problems. Unfortunately the Romans also rubbed their teeth with urine, and the high protein content caused the decay problem and tooth problems.

I would like to thank the Barberton town clerk for their assistance, in giving us propolis samples locally. The propolis is very effective and bees were kept on the Barberton town hall, which you come to realise when you read that propolis is proven to kill mouth bacteria.

This diagram shows what I have found to be effective in my own use of the product, and in reading the review of The Gym Guy.

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I have found this product to not prevent tooth decay and gum problems. I have read that propolis toothpaste is good to remineralise the teeth in the repair of greater cavities in the teeth, but of course, to use propolis, it has to be taken into the mouth. In order to keep tooth fillings and crowns in good working order, however, I have been advised to stop using propolis, or at least to use it in smaller amounts, as the chemical propolis does weaken the teeth.

There seems to be a lack of knowledge about using propolis in small amounts in a pure manner. So, there are less quality products which are not free from preservatives and added protection against microbial attack.

I would strongly recommend this product only to those who do not have cavities and do not need to protect against erosion. For that, I would recommend the toothpaste that has fluoride and no SLS. But I would supplement with propolis to keep enamel sound.

Propolis toothpaste as discussed has many of the same benefits as a large number of other oral care products. It should be use with a toothbrush, and can be used with water, with lemon juice added if the gums do not bleed easily.

As I had heard, and was aware from reading this off the internet, I decided it would be of benefit to use propolis in small amounts on my teeth and gums, as there was a lot of water in the toothpaste, and it was also acidic. I tried to use the propolis only occasionally. Using the propolis, or even mixing it into a paste with water and brushing also meant that I had to brush my teeth longer and would wear down the enamel on my teeth with the toothbrush.

I felt that reading the reviews for the propolis toothpaste had some benefits, because it answered the question of whether propolis is good for teeth and mouth health.

Since I am always interested in products, I tend to read reviews from people who seem to have used the product for a long time. The Gym Guy ( reaps a high score in his review of Propolis Toothpaste, however it is not honourable of him to apply his views to other users.

I find that I get a better clean, and brushing with the propolis works well. The toothpaste does not seem to have the bad effect of leaving a film on your mouth. It also seems to protect against gingivitis in that it keeps the bad bacteria from forming in the mouth.

Without being able to see the dentist for 6 months, I have had to use mouthwash for rampant gum problems and mouth ulcers.

The propolis works well, and although i may be using more of it then i originally intended, it works well. With the amount I spend on pocket money on sweets, and toothpaste, I would find it hard to buy the fluoride toothpaste, and this toothpaste has a healthy mint flavour. Go to the shop segment to add a phony ID to your shopping basket. Alter every one of the subtleties you need inside our fake id maker You can change the title, name, birthdate, ethnicity, level, eye tone, ID number, signature and transfer a photograph.

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