Ethical Product Review: Tan Organic Self-Tan – 100g

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If you’re looking for a 100% natural and organic self-tanning solution then Tan Organic is for you. It is the world’s first Eco certified self-tan that is ultra-moisturising and Aloe Vera based whilst giving you a professional looking finish. Your skin will feel luxuriously soft and yet this faux tan contains no synthetic drying agent, synthetic preservatives, fragrances or parabans.

Other bonuses of TanOrganic include no ‘fake tan’ smell, enough in each bottle for 6 full body applications, it is suitable for pregnant women and those with sensitive skin and it ensures perfect fade.

Tan Organic Self-Tan Reviews:

I’ve tried a few self-tanners in my time and I can honestly say that Tan Organic is the only one which has worked. I was very impressed with the results; the texture of my skin remained soft all day and was never sticky or greasy and I absolutely love the smell of the product. It’s so natural. This tan gives me the healthy glow that I’m looking for, and lasts for around three days. – Lucy, Shepherd’s Bush. 

This is the best self-tanning product that I’ve ever used. It’s 100% natural, organic, and its colour adjusts to your natural skin tone over time. When you first apply it, it’s very yellow, but this goes away after 12 hours and your tan is a really healthy colour. It doesn’t contain any drying agents or synthetic preservatives and the bottle will last for around 6 applications. – Maria, Wimbledon. 

This product has seriously impressed me. It’s very natural looking, and only takes a few seconds to apply. I put on a thin layer every day and the colour is just amazing. I feel like I look like I’ve been on holiday. I’ve noticed that it keeps my skin moisturised as well. – Victoria, Croydon 

I love using this product because it makes my skin look tanned, but still pretty and natural. You know it’s a healthy tan because it smells of herbs. This product is 100% natural, organic and hypoallergenic, so I feel safe using it because it’s safe for my skin. – Nina, Sloane Square 

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Tan Organic Self-Tan Reviews: 

I had previously agreed to undertake this product review in the interests of being accurate and impartial, however, I was gravely mistaken. It was also an ill-advised decision to agree to write this bit by myself. This is the reason for the very long delay in getting this review published. After I applied this product one evening, I was literally unable to stop giggling. I had somehow transformed into a giant, orange teddy bear. I felt like I was the star of a 1970s disco in need of a mask and a crash helmet to protect me from the adverse effects of the “disco inferno”. Coupled with the distinct aroma of a flood-damaged lumber yard, I am itching to give this a good plug. However, I shall refrain and instead, leave you with the view that while this will not indefinitely help to maintain your youthful looks, if you manage to reach 100 and you manage to keep your chattering ape mouth shut, you may still pass for a slightly tanned 92 year-old.
– M. WESTON, Wimbledon.

I am a great fan of self-tanners, and Tan Organic is quite possibly the best one I’ve ever used. I love how natural it looks, and I love the smell of it. After using it for a while, my friends told me that I’d had a “holiday glow”. The bottle contains enough for 6 applications, and I use it about once a week. A little goes a long way with Tan Organic. The first time I applied it, I kept my body out of the sun for a few days, just so I could give it a really good go.
– MELANIE, Wimbledon.

I’ve tried a few self-tanning products and I can honestly say that TanOrganic is the only one which has worked for me. The bottle contains enough for 6 applications, and I use it about once a week. It’s 100% natural, organic and hypoallergenic which makes me feel safe using it because I know it’s safe for my skin. The great thing about TanOrganic is that it’s also very natural looking. Often self-tanners make you look all streaky and orange, but this one gives me the colour that I’m looking for, and doesn’t make me look too fake.
– NINA, Sloane Square.

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