Experts Tell Us the Best Books To Explain Climate Change

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Books To Explain Climate Change. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below).

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Empowering Climate Action In The United States by Tom Bowman

This product was recommended by Tom Bowman from TomBowman

Tom Bowman is an advisor, speaker, and changemaker who believes that the solutions to even the world’s toughest problems are within our grasp. His gift for distilling complex problems and scientific information to their central nugget empowers people to take ownership and act.

The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace

This product was recommended by Mark Condon from Shotkit

The book explains in detail our forecast doom due to drastic climate changes. It is sure to make the hair of the readers stand on the edge. The alarming facts make for a grim reading apart from educating the readers about the climate changes and how individuals can mitigate the ill of it.

Under a White Sky by Elizabeth Kolbert

This product was recommended by Rameez Javed from Gaditek

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Sixth Extinction returns with another sobering look at our Anthropocene Epoch, this time centered not on the countless calamities ahead, but on the trailblazing efforts of scientists to turn back the doomsday clock. Kolbert describes the subjects of Under a White Sky as “people trying to solve problems created by people trying to solve problems”; she turns her lens to human interventions in nature, like the storied redirection of the Chicago River, and to the pressing need for further intervention to correct our folly. Traveling everywhere from the Great Lakes to the Great Barrier Reef, she chronicles her encounters with scientists, who are pioneering cutting-edge technologies to turn carbon emissions to stone and shoot diamonds in the stratosphere. Heralded by everyone from Barack Obama to Al Gore, Kolbert’s urgent, deeply researched text asks if our ingenuity can outrun our hubris.

Losing Earth by Nathaniel Rich

This product was recommended by Rameez Javed from Gaditek

Spanning the pivotal decade between 1979 and 1989, Losing Earth chronicles the rise of political awareness about global warming, along with the myriad failures of policymakers to address the growing climate emergency. Instead, as Rich reveals in painstaking historical detail, policymakers sided with profit-thirsty corporations, who mounted a massive campaign of disinformation and denialism that continues to shape our political life today. Though the subject of his book is the lost decade in the fight against climate crisis, Rich ultimately concludes on a hopeful note, arguing that we still have time to save our planet. Read Losing Earth’s stunning story of human greed and human folly to determine if you share his optimism.

Windfall by McKenzie Funk

This product was recommended by Rameez Javed from Gaditek

You’ve read about the science of climate change—but what about the economics of it all? In the six years he spent reporting this meticulously constructed book, Funk traveled the world speaking with dozens of entrepreneurs wringing a hefty profit from climate change, from Israeli businessmen getting rich on manmade snow to Dutch architects designing floating cities. Climate crisis, as it turns out, is big business, with ungodly sums of money changing hands between a select few while the global masses suffer. Funk illuminates the craven business practices of environmental tycoons determined to keep society on life support, proving that the conventional wisdom holds true: when in doubt, follow the money.

The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert

This product was recommended by Jeff Goodwin from Orgain

The Sixth Extinction, by Elizabeth Kolbert, is a great book to fully understand the urgency behind climate change and why it’s important to act now. We are currently living through a major ecological event that we caused, and we have to come together to stop it.

How to Prepare for Climate Change by David Pogue

This product was recommended by Reuben Yonatan from GetVoIP

This book gave me a sense of what to expect as well as what the causes of climate change are, and how we can live our lives to combat them. But what really sets it apart is the advice, on everything from what to invest in, how to build, and even where to locate if the time comes. It won’t give you complete peace of mind—no factual book will—but it’s a fantastic place to look for those who want to prepare.

Climate Crisis Economics by Stuart P.M. Mackintosh

This product was recommended by Emily Bond from PR by the Book, LLC

Climate Crisis Economics is a compelling and comprehensive plea to create a decarbonized economy and sustainable future through socio-economic, business and political transitions. This is the definitive text for the biggest challenge of our era, the climate crisis. Presented as a call for action and demand for greater ambition as leaders plan for the 2021 UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland. Dr. Stuart P. M. Mackintosh’s Climate Crisis Economics is comprehensive, yet succinct, and presents a multitude of solutions rather than one draconian one. Dr. Mackintosh outlines the necessary models, policy, and practice to secure the transition we need to move from planetary doom to planetary survival. Achieving a sustainable future can only come through change across all our communities within the political, economic, and business. This book will not only educate readers on the current climate crisis, but also outline the various nightmare scenarios that could become reality if we don’t do something about it. It will appeal to academics, students, investors, and professionals. Climate Crisis Economics will inspire readers to do their part in this race against climate change ‘tipping points’ towards our planetary survival.

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