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How To Help Your Child Get A Feminist Career

If your child is passionate about women’s rights, a feminist job could be just what your young adult is looking for. A feminist job lets the employee work to make the world a more equal place for women. Many positions may fit under this category, whether it’s doing administrative work at a feminist non-profit or working at a women’s shelter. There are a few ways to help your child land a position.

How to Land the Right Position

One way to help your child prepare for their career is by supporting them in getting a degree in a field that is relevant to the area they are most interested in. Most college students will need to borrow to pay for their education. While federal loans may be an option, they may not cover everything, so you’ll need to find other options as well. One option is private loans, and if you cosign one for your child, they are more likely to qualify for what they need.

You can look at a guide with more information on cosigning for members of your family. Feminists are concerned about equality for all women, but that is a relatively broad definition. There are many ways to make the world more equal. Instead of having your child look for feminist careers, you might encourage them to narrow things down to focus more on the issues they are most passionate about. Do they love communicating through writing? Consider preparing them for a career in publications. On the other hand, if they are interested in politics, they could work for a political campaign.

Mentoring Other Women

While your child may not have enough life experience to be a mentor quite yet, becoming a mentor can be a goal they work toward as they progress in their career. Your child will need to develop a skillset in a certain area, like spreading awareness about the pink tax or education. That way, they can pass on knowledge about working in a certain type of job. Your child could pass on skills like coding or how to pass a college entrance exam. Organizations often hire experienced training and development managers to help current employees grow their skillset.

Political Campaign Work

Your child can get involved with politics at any point in their career because there are so many opportunities. Getting involved in a campaign gives them a chance to elect leaders that will bring feminist policies into play. There are many positions available at these types of organizations, and they allow women to work for more progressive candidates. This helps your child bring political reform into place so changes can be put into place.

Feminist Studies Professor

If your child is interested in academia and higher education, they may want to consider becoming a professor so they can share their passion with others to mold the next generation. Professors can promote other women’s work and help students really think about what gender means. Becoming a professor also allows you to delve deeper into your area of focus.


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