How to Organize a Diet-Friendly Picnic Party

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Picnic parties are one of the most fun and ideal ways to spend time with your loved ones. You can enjoy a great summer day doing barbecue while you catch up with family and friends, or pack up some lunchboxes and your favorite drinks while you chill and do some outdoor stuff in the park with your most favorite people. But, if you’re on a diet and limiting your food and drink intake, gatherings like this can give out some great temptations that might challenge you in sticking with your diet.

A strict diet doesn’t mean you’re not capable of having a fun picnic with your loved ones, though. Despite the restrictions and limitations, there are still ways you can do that will help you organize and create a diet-friendly picnic party for all your health-conscious squad. What do you say if I tell you that you can also make some delicious sweets they can enjoy without guilt? Below are some ideas for your next diet-friendly picnic party!

Can’t have a picnic without alcohol? Consider shifting to Hard Seltzers.

Love to drink but on a diet? You might not know about this, but hard seltzers are one of the most known alcoholic beverages suitable for people who like to keep their health in check. For people undergoing a keto diet, this is the perfect diet drink for you as hard seltzers are highly recommended keto-friendly alcoholic drinks. With only 3 grams of carbohydrates inside every can and all-natural fruit juices, this beverage is perfect for light drinkers and just anyone who wants to cut down some weight.

Through hard seltzers, you can still have the usual tipsy fun you and your buddies have while ensuring that you will not break any rules of your diet and also introduce a healthier way of drinking to your peers.

Pack up your salads and serve them to everyone

What’s a healthier way to welcome your guests to your picnic than serving salads? To cut calorie consumption in mayo salad dressings, try and combine light mayonnaise with fat-free or light sour cream. This will also increase the flavor of the salad and make the overall dish a delight to everyone. If you feel extra and want to give your guests the salad of their dreams, you can add flavored mustards, sliced radishes, or extra vegetables.

For main courses that can be served without the hassle of being in front of a hot grill, like a green salad, consider putting bits of fresh seafood, chicken cutlets, or turkey. Your welcome entry will surely become the life of the party.

Wherever you go, make sure to take some proteins with you.

People need protein in their everyday lives, especially if they spend a lot of their time and energy outdoors. That is why, if you’re having a diet-friendly and healthy picnic party, you should add some protein to your picnic tray for long-lasting energy. To maintain sodium and fatty food levels under control, pick thin sliced meat and fish.

Other options can include cheese or a hummus or spinach artichoke dip. You can either purchase a ready-to-serve hummus or dip from the local supermarket for easier preparation or if you have more time and want your dishes to be more home-made, make your own beforehand. Either way, we’re sure it will be healthy and a delightful must-have!

Picnic parties are one of the most fun social gatherings, and just because you’re on a diet doesn’t necessarily mean the fun will end for you or your loved ones. With these simple ideas, you can still have time well spent with them and a healthier, happier life in general.

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