Leading Women-Driven Startups Revolutionizing American Women’s Industry

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The world is filled with smart, fierce, and dedicated women who are breaking barriers in various industries. With specific attention on the startup sphere, it is encouraging to see a surge of women-led startups that are not only achieving business success but also leading social change. In this article, we are going to highlight some exceptional women-founded startups in the Women’s industry, showcasing their vision, achievements, and contributions to women’s empowerment.

The disparity in gender representation sadly still exists, especially in leadership roles and entrepreneurship. However, these women entrepreneurs are undeterred and continue to inspire and pave the way for future generations of women startup founders, investors, and innovators. Through their resilience and determination, they are creating inclusive business ecosystems and changing the landscape of the startup industry.

Join us as we shine the spotlight on these companies that are geared towards the improvement of women’s lives by creating solutions designed specifically for them. From health and wellness, media and entertainment, to tech and beauty, these startups have embarked on missions that speak to the issues that women face. Let’s delve into their stories and celebrate their success as women in entrepreneurship.


Based out of San Francisco, California, my.Flow is a startup founded by Amanda Brief. The company is on a mission to encourage women to get better acquainted with their menstrual health. This startup is providing a solution that empowers women by giving more insight into their periods. Facebook|Linkedin

Her Campus Media

Her Campus Media is a Boston, Massachusetts-based startup founded by Annie Wang, Stephanie Lewis, and Windsor Western. The company is the leading media portfolio for women enrolled in college or part of GenZennial cohorts. Facebook|Linkedin


StyleBlueprint, founded by Elizabeth Fox and Liza Graves, operates from Nashville, Tennessee. The company focuses on advertising and E-commerce, providing businesses with effective local and digital marketing strategies. Facebook|Linkedin

Texas Women’s Foundation

The Texas Women’s Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in Dallas, Texas. Founded by a group of enthusiastic women, the organization lends its expertise to ahead various women’s issues. Facebook|Linkedin


Ladykind is an alternative medicine startup located in Hayward, California. The Dhatt family established the brand to assist women with period pain, stress, sleep issues, and hormonal imbalances using CBD. Facebook|Linkedin


Lioness, originally founded by Anna Lee, James Wang, and Liz Klinger, is located in Berkeley, California. They created an app and vibrator to enable women to better understand their bodies. Facebook|Linkedin

Work & Mother

Work & Mother, located in Houston, Texas, is a startup founded by Abbey Donnell. They provide fully equipped lactation suites and a motherhood support app for working mothers. Facebook|Linkedin

Hela Health

Founded by Cathy (Kaplan) Sebag and Gal Brenner, Hela Health operates from New York. The startup is focused on wellness and fitness. Linkedin

Period Tracker

Period Tracker, based in Atlanta, Georgia, is a health care startup. Their app assists women in tracking their menstrual cycles. Linkedin

Kiira Health

Kiira Health, located in Los Angeles, California, is a startup offering AI care and women’s health services. Their app connects users with healthcare professionals around the clock. Facebook|Linkedin

Ellevate Network

Ellevate Network, founded by Janet Hanson and located in New York, serves as a global community that supports professional women by providing opportunities for education, inspiration, and elevation. Facebook|Linkedin

These are just a handful of the many women-led startups making waves in their respective industries while contributing to women’s empowerment. They are leading the way, challenging stereotypes, and setting new standards for women in business. Here at Pretty Progressive, we hope to inspire and encourage women to take hold of their entrepreneurial spirit and chase their dreams fearlessly, paving the way for others to follow.

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