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Team building exercises and events are a great way to boost the morale in the company or organization as well as getting your employees to have a bit of fun together and learn important teamwork skills. So if you are planning your next company event and you are looking for fun and interesting ways to get your employees engaged and to enhance the team ethic, then why not take a look at some outdoor games to add to the agenda.

We have put together a list of some great outdoor games which will be a fun addition to the next team building or company event.


This outdoor activity has been a favorite in many team-building events for companies and for very good reason. The objective of treasure hunts is to be able to work together as a team to kick off at the starting point, with a given clue and communicate together to try and solve the clue to help get the team to the next checkpoint. These treasure or scavenger hunts can be loads of fun for everyone to partake in. There are many different event planning companies that can assist and help you plan your next treasure hunt as they set up the entire hunt according to your needs and objectives. These hunts will encourage group cohesion, communication skills, leadership, and of course help employees get to know one another better.


This is super fun and rewarding activity or game to set up for your team-building event. The aim of this game is to get employees to learn trust and communication as they navigate their blindfolded partners through a minefield of obstacles. You can set this game up almost anywhere where there is sufficient open space to move around. First, decide on what will be your “mine” objects. You can use anything from balls to traffic cones as long as it is a suitable size and stable to remain in one place. Then, break up into pairs and one from the team pair must be blindfolded. The other team member who is not blindfolded will need to communicate and navigate their team member, without touching them and most importantly without being inside the minefield perimeter, around each of the mines to get to the finish line or opposite side. This can be a lot of fun and will help employees learn how to work together, to listen effectively and communicate, and deliver clear instructions, which is incredibly beneficial to take back into the workplace.


If you are looking to add a challenging activity to your company team-building event, then the raft challenge certainly ticks the boxes. This can be set up as one big team-building activity or as a competitive exercise amongst a few teams. Providing the necessary materials to each team, the aim is to work together to construct and build a floatable raft which the team can climb onto themselves and test it all out. This can be loads of fun but challenging too as this will require teams to communicate clearly, respect and listen to one another, consider all options and conceptualize together. The fun part of it all is that even though you might work fantastically as a team, there is always a chance that your raft won’t float and the team finds themselves soaked but at the end of the day, it is a fun outdoor activity for everyone to enjoy and learn from.


Perhaps your next company event is one that is more social than team building and you are looking for some fun games to add to the day to create a vibe and to have your employees kick back and relax with some good old-fashioned yard games. There are so many great yard and outdoor games to play, like shooting games with a Gel Blaster, whether you are a large group or a more intimate group of people. These yard games are great for a company barbeque or yearend functions. If you are not sure where to start, this site: Game Quarium can help you explore various games you may not have even heard of. Bring life to your next company event with some super fun and cool outdoor yard games.

Company events don’t need to boring and rigid and getting creative with adding yard games or outdoor activities to the day, can set the tone and let your employees feel at ease and get to know one another better.

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