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Pandemic Addiction: 4 Causes and Remedies

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4 Causes Of Addiction During The Pandemic

The Covid 19 pandemic brought about multi-faceted dynamics, including addiction to alcohol and drugs. The causes of addiction vary depending on individual circumstances within the pandemic. However, pandemic addiction has been a common factor among many.

There is really a light at the end of the tunnel as there are different support options available that may help break the addiction, regardless of what it may be. Here are some of the causes of pandemic addiction and the support options accompanying them.

Cause #1. Financial Loss

Many people lost jobs, businesses, working shifts and hours due to lockdown measures that didn’t permit regular operating hours. Even when businesses could re-open, many people didn’t have the income to engage in the products and services they normally did before the pandemic. This dynamic means that many lost financial securities to the point where they needed to apply for financial support, leading to daily stress. Daily provisions such as food and accommodation suddenly weren’t a given, leading to feelings of depression and anxiety.

Feelings of depression and anxiety can lead to hopelessness and an immense fear of the future. To numb these feelings, alcohol, and drugs can come into play. Others may also believe that gambling will help recover their finances, this can turn into an addiction as well.

Support Option #1. Unconventional Methods Of Earning

Aside from professional help in the form of therapy, you can find different ways of earning unconventionally. One dynamic that the pandemic uncovered was the plethora of digital earning methods that can help pay some of the bills that may have you anxious and nervous.

There are digital platforms where one can get paid for producing content in the form of blogs, videos, or graphics. Some spaces pay people to give book reviews, while others need commentators on different sports platforms.

Aside from digital earning methods, you can earn by renting out space in your house for accommodation purposes, for example. If you do have a garden space, you can plant and sell vegetables in your community or rent out your garden space for those that wish for space to grow food. These are some examples of unconventional methods of earning which can help ease the anxiety that leads to addictions such as gambling, alcohol, and drugs.

Cause #2. The Effects Of Covid On Family and Loss

One undeniable factor of the Covid-19 pandemic was the amount of loss that people experienced and continue to due to the pandemic still being active. Many people lost and continue to lose loved ones due to the virus, and what makes it more difficult is that not everyone can bid farewell to the deceased. Lockdown measures can make it impossible to host or attend a funeral, and this makes the experience of grief even more difficult to handle. Another effect is if someone is still alive but in hospital fighting for their lives. This can cause high emotional stress to a family and this is where some people may look for other ways to cope.

Substances such as drugs and alcohol may provide temporary relief from the pain of grief. The temporary high can turn into an addiction because the constant grief can become unbearable. After consuming large amounts of alcohol or drugs, a person may be able to sleep better. This may be a relief for those who suffer from insomnia. Addiction can occur after experiencing a temporary high for pain relief.

Support Option #2: Rehabilitation

Addiction to alcohol and drugs is dangerous as an overdose may be experienced. Intervention is required before it becomes irreversible. It’s difficult to overcome addiction alone, particularly during a live pandemic. You may require professionals to overcome the challenges. Rehabilitation centers such as Victoria’s Leading Rehab for Alcohol, Drug, and Gambling Addiction are places where you can get help to overcome your addiction. Continue reading this if you’re considering professional help to fight your addiction.

Pandemic Addiction: 4 Causes and Remedies

Cause #3. Negative News

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the media has focused on the pandemic, the death tolls, those hospitalized, and the predictions of how the pandemic will turn out globally. However, it’s important to stay afloat with current affairs.

The constant ingestion of such heavy news results in paranoia, anxiety, depression, grief, and loss, leading to addiction to escape the heaviness.

Support Option #3. Tune In To Positive Content

Rather than staying tuned in to news channels with the infection rates and death tolls on a loop, tune in to positive content. You can still stay informed about what is happening globally but not get addicted to it. Positive content includes videos and music which uplifts your spirits. This may minimize your need to reach out for alcohol or other substances. You can also tune in to digital platforms which provide content that teaches you new skills and new frames of thinking. The more you ingest positive content, the better your mood and mindset will become.

Cause #4. Loneliness

Lockdowns require people to stay inside their homes and minimize physical contact. Some find themselves lonely in their home and miss interaction. Even those who had company within the home may experience loneliness as it is still confinement. The result of loneliness for some is turning to the bottle or drugs. However, there are other ways to combat loneliness.

Support Option #4. Digital Socialization

Rather than using the digital space to ingest negative news, you can use all the different digital opportunities to connect with loved ones. You can organize specific days and times with your loved ones to get together digitally and enjoy light-hearted conversations. There are digital platforms that also make it possible for you to play games with one another. The more positive socialization you experience, the less the possibility of a dangerous addiction.


The pandemic has caused many complex situations, which have led to different types of addiction. If you find you’re struggling to cope throughout the pandemic and need some extra help, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Many people don’t ask for help and it can cause a spiral effect on you and on your family. Are you struggling to cope? Ask for help today.

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