Product Review: Natural Stacks Smart Caffeine – 60 capsules

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Caffeine and L-Theanine have somewhat polar effects on the mind and body. However when the two are combined the effects do not simply negate one another. Instead they work together very synergistically, allowing the user to fully benefit from the positive aspects of both compounds without the negative side effects. The energy and motivation from the Caffeine is harnessed and smoothed over with L-theanine. With just two all natural ingredients SmartCaffeine works with any diet.

Natural Stacks Smart Caffeine Review:

The product is composed of 23% Caffeine and has 256 mg of Green Tea extract, and 100 mg of L-Theanine per serving. This magical combination means that users enjoy every possible positive side of both compounds with only the benefits of each. This product does not include Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin c) or added sugar.

I would like to highlight that the amount of caffeine in their products (which is relatively high) is perfectly balanced with the amount of L-theanine, meaning that the range of effects is extremely large. It is no secret that L-theanine is a unique molecule with calming properties.

Nutivia smart coffee blend is perfect for those who wish to use caffeine in combination with a Cacao and L-theanine, which would help with concentration for tasks such as study, writing, or reading.

We would like to recommend taking breaks during your consumption. Any longer than 15 – 20 minutes will make you feel the negative effects of this product, which is similar to a high B12 intake.

There are no allergic reactions or product breakdown in case of L-theanine. L-theanine can increase focus, improve mental clarity, and reduce headaches.

The best way to use it is 90 minutes before going to sleep. It is worth noting that it may be difficult to fall asleep with this product if you normally have trouble sleeping and experience trouble with intense headaches.

This product is 100% natural, which means that it does not cause any of the negative health hazards associated with artificial chemicals, and no negative side effects are associated with its use. It is necessary to rule out any negative side effects from other products that are made with artificial ingredients, as well as other toxins that have been used for flavoring.

Smart Caffeine comes in 2 sizes, 16oz, and 32oz cups. Or you can purchase a box. You are recommended to start by tasting a small amount and working backwards to see what works best for you. Dr. Oz recommends in order of size cup size serving and frequency of use:

  • 2 scoops first thing in the morning
  • 3 scoops before bedtime

At least 2 – 3 times a week for professional use

Although the recommended serving size is 2 – 3 servings, it is not possible to completely saturate the whole body with SmartCaffeine at one time.

It is important to remember that it is best to consume SmartCaffeine in moderation. Too much caffeine can cause some negative side effects, for example: increased anxiety, increased heart rate and blood pressure, increased risk of seizures, and various other stimulant side-effects. Also, if you are taking Adderall (a stimulant) for ADHD use SmartCaffeine in combination with Adderall.

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Natural Stacks Smart Caffeine Review:

For such a natural product the sides effects are extremely small but it is always good to know.

Caffeine is extraordinarily addictive, which makes its use nonstop a habit to be avoided. Please use this product only if you are healthy, organized, disciplined and don’t have 2 left legs.

The product is incredibly effective, without the side effects because it is natural – it is recommended to take this product in the very morning. I recommend you always drink it at least 2 – 3 times a week, and at least 2 – 3 servings (300 – 400 mg) at one single sitting. This product is perfect for climbing, polyphasic sleep, irregular sleep cycles, and for all sorts of different situations.

It makes sense that the product should be taken slowly, and over a comfortable period of time. It is important to prevent excessive use, as it will disrupt sleep and cognition.

It is solely due to the concentration effects from the Caffeine that can cause uncontrollable anxiety, crash, or erratic thoughts. Don’t be scared to use SmartCaffeine, but you must make sure you are always alert, and not lazy, because you won’t be able to enjoy it for long.

If you are a MOBA gamer and are prone to playing with a critical mind, we recommend that you take SmartCaffeine before or after any MOBA games.

This product is perfect for anyone who needs a boost to get them going, but has no idea what to take. It’s ideal for students, athletes, and other people who may need to be stimulated to get them going or shut down. It’s also useful for anyone who is attending a seminar and needs to feel motivated to do their best. Since it’s caffeine, the product also acts as a mild stimulant, which works to keep energy levels up throughout the day.

Caffeine is a rapidly acting stimulant that has been used widely as an aid to enhance cognitive functioning, alertness, and physical and athletic performance. Studies have shown these effects to be very positive, and numerous cases of caffeine overdose have shown that the compound is completely unnecessary to use as a stimulant to obtain a significant amount of energy and physical endurance.

This product is perfect for those who need to get going but also be aware of their caffeine intake. For those who need to increase their focus and speed up their thought process but don’t want to take dangerous stimulants, this product should serve well. In fact, according to a research conducted in Finland, caffeinated tea (without any other substances like sugar) was found to have beneficial effects on people in comparison to regular black tea. SmartCaffeine on the other hand has even better and less dangerous results.

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