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Three Sustainable Moving Tips

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Three Sustainable Moving Tips

Moving is tough—and it can also be wasteful. So many aspects of the moving process are bad for the environment. Be eco-friendly and follow these sustainable moving tips to keep things as green as possible.

Use Plastic Moving Boxes

Cardboard boxes aren’t eco-friendly, but unfortunately, people use them all the time when they’re moving. For a greener option, consider making the switch to plastic. Plastic boxes are much more durable than cardboard boxes, and they’re much better for the environment.

Get Creative with Packing Materials

Bubble wrap and Styrofoam peanuts are bad for the environment, so rethink your packing materials by wrapping your belongings in towels or cloths you already have. This isn’t just more environmentally friendly; you’ll also kill two birds with one stone. You would’ve had to pack the towels anyway, so why not use them as a protectant? This will also make the clean-up process much easier. Gone are the days of finding Styrofoam peanuts wedged into the couch months after you’ve moved in.

Donate What You Can

Another great sustainable moving tip is to donate as much as you can before you move. If you chose not to hire a movers company, less stuff means making less trips back and forth, which reduces the total amount of fuel you expend. Less stuff makes for a lighter load as well—whether it’s your vehicle or a moving van, the less a vehicle weighs, the less gas it uses. Donating things can also help people in need. Why not do what you can to help the environment and assist people less fortunate than you? It’s a win-win situation. Why not do what you can to help the environment and assist people less fortunate than you? It’s a win-win situation. Meanwhile, check out this van size guide to give you an idea on what type of van you should rent out.

It’s important that everyone does their part to protect the environment. These sustainable moving tips are eco-friendly and simple to follow. Try to be more environmentally conscious the next time you’re changing your address. Even small deeds have a big impact.

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