Wardrobe Ideas To Be More Minimalist

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Wardrobe Ideas To Be More Minimalist

Minimalism can be a rewarding personal practice. In general, it’s all about detaching from the demands and hubbub of modern life by recognizing what is really essential. You can carry this idea over into your wardrobe with amazing results, too!

Reduce the Quantity

Getting rid of the clutter is the most important wardrobe idea to be more minimalist. If you have never considered minimalism, chances are, your closet is cram-packed with memories, hopes, and dreams, not to mention the stuff you wear. The idea is to pull everything out and take a serious look at it. Get rid of all the stuff that is worn down, does not fit, or you no longer like. Then, try to shed a few more things that you are keeping “just in case.” Minimalism is all about saying, “This is who I am, and I’m happy with me!” The extra stuff is just a burden that, once released, no longer can drag you down.

Get Into the Habit of Minimizing

Now that you’ve done it once, you can do it again! At least once a month for a year, keep attacking your wardrobe. Second guess the things you decided you had to have during your last closet purge. At first, it can be hard to break free of the sentimentality that items carry. Maybe you are keeping that dress just in case you get invited somewhere fancy, even though you don’t like parties. Or maybe you have just had that shirt for so long that it seems like a shame to get rid of it. Once you get over that initial decision to let go, it’s easy to see that minimalism can be very freeing.

Simplify Your Accessories

Take a good hard look at your everyday gear. If you normally feel the need to weigh yourself down with expensive watches, necklaces, fancy phone cases, and every other kind of eye-drawing sparkly accessory, now would be a good time to experiment with minimalism. Consider turning in your worn-out leather bifold for a more minimalistic wallet design. Think about a simple timepiece that only tells the time, preferably using analog hands rather than a light-up display. Look into small stone earrings or humble hoops instead of statement pieces.

Simplify Your Outfit

One of the most essential wardrobe ideas to be more minimalist is to not be afraid of dressing-down. Your outfit does not have to be soulless, but a minimalist is also someone who is confident as they are, and they don’t feel the need to dress in flashy fabrics just to impress others. While other outfits are gaudy, flashy, or scream, “Pay attention to me!” the minimalist approach is much more refined. Simpler clothing gives off an aura of calm professionalism, of knowing you look good without needing the world to remind you. Try out layering with simple, sleek shirts, blouses, and sweaters. Stick to one or two colors accented with neutral tones. Use a slim and neat belt, and make sure you’ve shined your shoes d. It doesn’t hurt to invest in an iron and put a crisp crease in your trousers either!

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