11 Best Collagen Supplements for Healthier Skin

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When summer comes around you’ll be investing in different creams/lotions but, what about collagen which is no doubt a major component of your skin. Collagen plays a role in strengthening your skin and hydrating it. Taking collagen supplements can help with your skins dryness or just general maintenance. In this article, you’ll be provided the information you need to purchase your first skin boosting supplement.

#1 Paleopro Grass-Fed Bone Broth Collagen+ Turmeric

The PaleoPro Grass-Fed Bone Broth Collagen+ Turmeric travel product recommended by Christina Towle on Pretty Progressive.

Grass-Fed Bone Broth Collagen is a delicious and easy to use premium quality protein powder, that can be enjoyed hot or cold in a variety of beverages.

Unlike similar products, this collagen is 100% sourced from grass-fed and pastured raised cows with no added hormones, no additives and minimal processing.

With the inclusion of turmeric root in an optimal ratio, this complete powder is ready to fuel your day as a balanced addition to your healthy lifestyle!


#2 Collagenics® Support For Connective Tissue And Collagen

The Collagenics® Support for Connective Tissue and Collagen travel product recommended by Niles Koenigsberg on Pretty Progressive.

As we age, our body naturally starts to gradually reduce our collagen production. If you’re interested in boosting your collagen intake, we recommend you take Collagenics. This amazing supplement is comprised of a unique blend of free-form amino acids, key minerals, and essential nutrients.

The excellent blend includes L-Glutamine, MSM, L-Glycine, Magnesium, Zinc, Iron, and Vitamins B6 and C, all of which play an essential role in the biochemical processes that support the development of connective tissue and collagen. Plus, we recommend these types of supplements because we know for certain they are high-quality, as they’ve been produced through sterile controlled lab environments and gone through trials at Metagenics to ensure their high-quality nature.


#3 Skin & Joint Care Collagen Supplement

The Skin & Joint Care Collagen Supplement travel product recommended by David Barbour on Pretty Progressive.

Scientifically substantiated to see results quickly, Vivio Life Sciences new supplement features BioCell® Collagen a clinically tested ingredient matrix of hydrolyzed collagen type II, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid, plus MSM to create the highest quality skin care and joint health supplement on the market! Buy 2 get 12% off. Free US shipping.


#4 Skinade 30 Day Vacation Edition

The Skinade 30 day vacation edition travel product recommended by Rachael Matican on Pretty Progressive.

Skinade is a daily collagen drink that improves your skin from the inside out. Some incredible benefits to taking Skinade include increased skin hydration, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, increased skin tone and suppleness, and healthier looking hair and nails. What makes Skinade more effective than tablets/powders is the absorption rate of ingredients. The Physicians Desk Reference puts the absorption rate of tables at 10-20% as opposed to liquids, which are listed at a much higher absorption rate of over 95%.


#5 Nutracollagen – Collagen Maximizer

The NutraCollagen - Collagen Maximizer travel product recommended by Fuad Hasanovic on Pretty Progressive.

NutraCollagen is Collagen in its purest form. Non-GMO and All Natural. It is hormone, dairy, and gluten free. Meaning, that the customer is getting all of the benefits of collagen (hair, skin, and nails health) in its highest quality, without the worry of additives or questionable ingredients.


#6 Pescience Collagen Peptides

The PEScience Collagen Peptides travel product recommended by Nick Rizzo on Pretty Progressive.

For me, when it comes to recommending a supplement I need to know that it comes from a company that uses science as the basis of their products, sources their ingredients from reputable vendors, and conducts third-party testing and analysis of every batch of every product from when the ingredients come into the finished product.

For that, I have to suggest PEScience’s Collagen Peptides. You will only be getting the highest of quality product and you can actually check the test results for your specific product’s batch on their site.


#7 Abeeco Marine Collagen And Keratin Capsules

The Abeeco Marine Collagen and Keratin Capsules travel product recommended by Sarah Gill on Pretty Progressive.

Abeeco’s New Zealand Made Marine Collagen and Keratin Capsules have been in the market for many years. This Collagen supplement is very popular around the world, and radio personalities such as Lorna Subritzky are using it. Abeeco’s advanced Collagen and Keratin capsules contain two key nutrients that support restoration and protection of Skin, Hair and Nails, helping reduce the appearance of pigmentation, spots, dryness, lines and wrinkles.

Abeeco’s collagen supplement has been hydrolysed (structurally changed using water) which breaks down the collagen into smaller molecular peptides allowing greater absorption into the body and so increasing bioavailability and efficacy. Keratin is the component which gives the skin strength and flexibility and serves to provide a waterproof barrier.


#8 Abeeco Ultra Collagen

The Abeeco Ultra Collagen travel product recommended by Sarah Gill on Pretty Progressive.

Abeeco’s Ultra Collagen Powder is an amazing all around high potency Collagen Supplements, caring for joints, skin, hair, nails lean muscles and even gut health. A truly versatile and natural Collagen supplement that contains premium, hydrolysed Fortigel collagen peptides to ensure superior absorption.


#9 Alaya Multi Collagen Supplement

The Alaya Multi Collagen Supplement travel product recommended by Stefanie Almond on Pretty Progressive.

Alaya Multi Collagen supplement made from grass fed-, hormone free cows and other animals, its odorless, tasteless. It is also easy to use and can be put in pretty much anything… Not only that it, has gotten great reviews and people are loving what this supplement does for their hair, skin and nails. Give it a try today.


#10 Pure Encapsulations Collagen Js

The Pure Encapsulations Collagen JS travel product recommended by Kevin Elliott on Pretty Progressive.

Pure Encapsulations Collagen JS is a multi-molecule collagen complex that offers support for joints as well as healthy skin. Collagen may support the elasticity and firmness of skin, may help retain moisture, and may also help lesson the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Pure Encapsulations Collagen JS is made with hypoallergenic ingredients.


#11 Instanatural’S Collagen Age Defense Supplement

The InstaNatural's Collagen Age Defense Supplement travel product recommended by Rachel Bronson on Pretty Progressive.

This all-in-one supplement contains a blend of ingredients proven to improve the appearance of skin from the inside out. Collagen Age Defense works to support circulation and refine skin tone, while also enhancing elasticity for healthy skin.

The formula features MicroActiveR Resveratrol, a powerful polyphenol with antioxidant properties, and BioCell CollagenR which is clinically tested to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dryness while increasing collagen levels in the skin. Combined with CarelessR Mango and FlorabellaR to support circulation and improve skin tone and elasticity, this all-in-one daily supplement provides clinically-proven results for healthy, smooth and radiant skin.


The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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Rachael Matican from Skinade

Fuad Hasanovic from Nutra Collagen

Nick Rizzo from Run Repeat

Sarah Gill from abeeco

Stefanie Almond from Hope & Love Radio

Kevin Elliott from Supplement First

Rachel Bronson from InstaNatural

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