4 Most Organic & Eco-Friendly Air Fresheners To Buy In 2020

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We found there’s few things that are better than returning to a home that smells of nature itself. There is only good news about the products that we recommend if you want to freshen up the atmosphere in your house.

These products are sustainable thanks to their natural sources. They’re non-toxic because they have been minimally altered in manufacturing processes, and their smells shows it. It’s truly the best way to transform the feel of your home!

Alio Oil Free Reed Diffuser

This product was recommended by Kerri Tanner from AnytownUSA

Patented odor neutralizing formula is steadily released from the reeds into the air, removing unwanted odors. Alio reeds are infused with custom blended scents that leave a soft, subtle fragrance. Reeds are made from natural wood resin sourced from sustainable forests. The entire Alio line is made in Linden, NJ!

PlaneAire Surface & Air Purifying Travel Mist

This product was recommended by Nubia DuVall

PlaneAire Surface and Air Purifying Travel Mist is laboratory proven to remove harmful bacteria from surfaces and the air within minutes and keep them away for hours. Eco-conscious consumers will appreciate being able to purify both the air and all surfaces in their home without chemicals as PlaneAire is made of a proprietary combo of 6 organic essential oils and organic fruit acids to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria (scientifically-backed and lab-proven by EMSL Analytical) It is completely safe for the environment, pregnant women and children.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Room Freshener

This product was recommended by Vinay Amin from Eu Natural

I like the clean, fresh calming scent of lavender. I also appreciate that it is safe for myself, my family, and our pets.

Lemongrass Essential Oil by Maple Holistics

This product was recommended by Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly air freshener, look no further than lemongrass essential oil. Besides its fresh scent, lemongrass is a natural antibacterial and non-toxic. This is why it’s been used as a natural deodorant for centuries. It also has aromatherapeutic benefits that invigorate and uplift your senses for improved focus and mood. This essential oil by Maple Holistics is 100% pure, cruelty-free, and made through sustainable practices.

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