East Asian-American Healthcare Startups Revolutionizing US Medical Industry

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Welcome to this installment of our series on startups founded by minority groups, where we continue celebrating diverse founders who strive to make their mark in different corners of the industries they serve. In this article, we draw our spotlight towards the healthcare sector and the innovative solutions that are transforming lives from within. We bring you a curated list of East Asian-founded startups that are making considerable strides in this important industry.

The startups we are about to explore have introduced groundbreaking ideas to the healthcare sector, using perceptive and insightful strategies to address various health-related catastrophes. From leveraging artificial intelligence to enrich our lives to revolutionizing personal health, these startups have continuously demonstrated the power of creativity, diversity and technology in shaping our world and health.

Join us in celebrating these incredible enterprises, each with its unique approach to enhancing health care. We applaud and commemorate their extraordinary capabilities and contributions.

Aura Health

Founded by Daniel Lee and Steve Lee, Aura Health is an alternative medicine startup located in San Francisco. Aura Health delivers a digital wellness ecosystem that employs therapists and wellness coaches around the globe to offer personalized wellness content. This content is customized to individual needs and promotes a general state of wellness. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook or their LinkedIn page.

Sports Data Labs, Inc.

Launched by founders Mark Gorski, Stan Mimoto, and Vivek Khare, Sports Data Labs, Inc. is transforming the sports and healthcare industry. This venture-backed startup combines advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and data integration to analyze and distribute real-time human data from on-body sensors. Sports Data Labs, Inc. is based in San Francisco and operates in the professional sports and digital health ecosystems. You can check their LinkedIn page for updates.


Mark Zhang and Suelin Chen founded Cake, the top digital solution for end-of-life planning and post-loss support. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Cake employs AI and data science to provide comprehensive resources that help consumers honor life. Their platforms have been trusted by various healthcare organizations, banks, and insurance companies to build strong relationships with customers and add value to their services. Connect with them through their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn platforms.


Aavia is the product of a shared passion for improving female health and wellness by founders Aagya Mathur, Alexis Wong, and Aya Suzuki. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Aavia aims to solve problems in healthcare, specifically women’s health. Stay up-to-date with their work on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages.


Spearheaded by Pek Lum and Viwat Visuthikraisee, Auransa, based in Palo Alto, California, is an AI-driven platform pioneering the discovery of drugs from vast genomic data gathered from human disease tissues. The platform aids in studying molecular disease subtypes and predicting compounds and targets for patients. Their company page can be found on LinkedIn.


Ainume is an Artificial Intelligence platform leveraging Natural Language Processing and Computer Vision to provide nutraceutical solutions. The Sunnyvale based startup was co-founded by Bao Tram Duong, Jatin Gupta and Min Lee. Stay updated on their progress through their LinkedIn page.

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